Monday, July 4, 2011

Half a contact lense, tripping out and a head cold

Canada Day was Friday.
I went on an adventure ride.

We were having a family BBQ so I rode there on my bike.  It's 65km one way and since we were going to be out late watching fireworks I planned to get a ride home.

The weather was GORGEOUS!  I like HOT hot weather when I ride.  I get chilled really easily on my road bike.  Something to do with the wind as a result of speed factor.  So the hotter the better.

The city I rode to is all up hill.  In the first 20 minutes of the ride I encounter the hill of all hills.  I do so love this hill in particular.  Nothing better than a super challenging climb that leaves you breathless and dripping in sweat.  Cyclist come from all over to ride it.  I've never been able to climb up it in anything other than granny gear.  It's about 150m of elevation from bottom to top and about 12-14 minutes.  This is the first time for me on that hill this year.  It kicked my ass pretty good.  Mandatory major rest break at the top and boy what a view!

The view from the top of the hill
I wasn't having any blood sugar problems which was great for a long ride.  Except that I did feel really drained the whole time.  Just sort of tired and lacking my normal excited long ride gusto.  I rode up and onwards through it all.   I attributed the fatigue to the hills I ran with Celine the evening prior.  Though I woke up with no aches or pains I thought it may have been delayed.

I set an aggressive -80% basal but at 1 hour into the ride my BG was 4.3 mmol/l (77 mg/dl).  I had a GU gel.  At 2 hours into the ride my BG was at 4.5 mmol/l (81 mg/dl).  I had an apple and some almond butter.  My belly felt very cavernous for a lot of the ride.  Like I was totally empty even though I had a good oatmeal breakfast (as per usual).  I was just curiously hungry the whole time.

I still didn't really think much of it.  Mostly, I thought it must just be an off day.  I thought I must be tired because this is day 5 in a row of hard exercise.

Then I rubbed my eye because it was stinging with sweat and sunscreen and ended up tearing my contact lense in half.  One half fell out and the other stayed in there.  I was only 10km out from my destination so I called for a pick-up.  My eyes are terrible, like can't see 6 inches in front of my face terrible.  So riding any distance with only one lense is a recipe for disaster.  Luckily for me and thanks to my experience with dried up irritating post-exercise contact lenses, I had my glasses in the bag I sent up with my family.  I fished the other half lense out of my eyeball with no problems.

Then came the lows.

I set a post ride high temp basal as per usual.  It seems I didn't need it.  I don't know why this time was any different than the other times but such is the way diabetes rolls sometimes.  Just as the 150% temp ran out is when the lows started.  Too late to fix it with another temp.  We were walking to the park for the fireworks where there were thousands of people and my BG crashes.  Have you ever been on the go somewhere when that happens?  it makes it the LONGEST walks EVER.  I felt like I was in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".  The hotel scene where Johnny Depp's character hallucinates the carpet warping and growing out of the floor.  I was tripping out to the carnival sounds, sights and excitement.  The hoards of people and screaming and laughing was all too much.  Sensory fucking overload.  I wanted to close my eyes, plug my ears and curl up into the fetal position.  INSANITY!!!!  Who needs drugs when you can have a low blood sugar instead!  I had a granola bar (20g carbs) and continued to walk waiting for things to right themselves.  One hour later, another major crash.  This time I had a GU gel (24g carbs).  One hour later another HUGE major crash.  I limped into my sister's house found the juice and nearly passed out on her couch.  It took a good 45 minutes to come out of that last one enough to drive myself home.  I must have consumed 80g carbs with zero bolus.

Then I wake up at 4am to a pounding headache, congested sinuses and a majorly swollen sore throat.  I was falling ill with a cold.  GGGGrrrreeeeaaat!!  I woke up a couple hours later with more low blood sugars requiring juice.

And so ends my attempt at exercising for 7 days consecutively.  I'm bummed.  But I feel like complete SHIT!!  There's nothing worse than a head cold in the summer heat.  I wonder if that's why my ride was so tiring and difficult.  Then again, maybe I was just being wimpy.  The latter is unlikely.

So the ride?
Distance: 52.83km
Time: 2:18
Avg. pace: 22.4 km/h but...
Total Elevation climbed: 634m!! (that includes all hills) but the net climb was 250m
Avg. HR: 151bpm


  1. hope you feel better soon!! and boy what a climb :)

    who knew that Ontario had mountains!! lol

  2. Sucks that you had all the lows. It's hard to celebrate anything when your body is screaming for sugar.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon and back to biking with those gorgeous views.

  3. Ugh, all those lows...sucky! I'm impressed you kept going though. Also, I can't see more than a few inches in front of my face either, so I understand how much it sucks to tear or lose a contact.

  4. You are never considered a wimp...totally the cold coming on.

    AND...I am so sorry about your lows Scully. Sounds like a rough day.

    Get well soon!!! xoxo

  5. To echo Reyna, you are NEVER a wimp, if you're a wimp I'm a wilted piece of lettuce lol. Multiple lows SUCK. I just read about how they deplete glycogen stores and make muscles all weak and tired :( And it SO sucks to have a cold in the summer, sorry :( Wish I could send you some ginger tea infused with vitamin C...

  6. Total f*ckin yuck! (felt an f-bomb might help you feel better! ;) )
    I'm thinking your body just crapped out with the intense week, kick a$$ ride, and on coming cold.
    Rest up and feel better soon!


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