Friday, July 29, 2011

2 runs, same route, different outcomes

Got Dayum!  (as my good friend Fork would say)

I'm getting better at this running thing.

After the weekends' really disheartening 20k race I felt rather deflated. I know it isn't exactly a proper reflection of my abilities considering I've done so damn well managing my diabetes for running as of late.  But I can't help that it just made me pissed off and not really in the mood to lace up my shoes straight away.  I took 2 days off.  Yeah, 2 WHOLE days off.. in-a-row! No physical exercise at all.

Then I hit the pavement Wednesday morning.
I have such a love/hate relationship with morning runs. Sleep is difficult for me for one.  I also really relish my morning blog readings with big fat coffee in hand.  At the same time, nothing beats the feeling of finishing up a run before the day has even begun.  I mean, it certainly wakes me up.  I do put up a bit of a fight with myself though.  Shuffling around the house at 5am like a grumpy kid.  "I don't WAAANNA put my uncomfortable sports bra on.", "I wanna go back to beeeeeeeeed!" 

Open the door, walk down the driveway, "Man, what the fuck?"

whine, whine, whine.

It takes me a good 2km to adjust.  Then I'm happy as all snot!  I even try to remind myself that it'll be all so totally worth it once I get my ass moving, but I'm a stubborn one.

This is what happens when you live alone.  Yikes.

Wow, total digression.  So any way...  I ran the same route as last weeks hellish hottest day on earth run and I learned some valuable things.  I have a really great 10km (right on the dot) route with some decent hills, a partial forest trail and a few regular places to.. well.. crap! (since that's out in the open now, *phew!*)

The weather was PERTY!  no more hell on earth.  Let's compare stats and see how they relate to each other in the outcome of my performance.  Yes, let's talk all about ME!!  Yes, Let's!!

Last Thursday's run:
Temperature & Humidex making it "feel like" 39C (102F)
Distance: 9.58 km
Time: 1:02:55
Avg. Pace: 6:34 min/km
Avg. HR: 174 bpm
Max. HR: 191 bpm

Wednesday's run:
Temperature (with no humidex) 24C
Distance: 10.03 km
Time: 1:04:32
Avg. Pace: 6:25 min/km
Avg. HR: 166 bpm
Max. HR: 181 bpm

So, not exactly a hugely noticeable difference in heart rate and pace but a difference none-the-less. 10 seconds per km faster, and almost 10 bpm slower.  Last week I had to take more walk breaks to catch my breath and this week the only breaks I took was to scoot into the bush.  The biggest difference was in how I felt.  Last week I felt pretty horrible.  Yet this week's run felt super amazing.  I felt all sorts of powerful for some reason.  A renewed faith in my abilities as a runner.  That humidity makes a huge difference.


  1. Yes humidity makes a difference! You just ignored mother nature last week and when all hard core anyway! hehehe I'm happy you had a great run in nice weather :) It is nice to wake up in the morning with exercise. I did that today at 5am and it felt nice although getting out of bed was funny because I literally almost started crying because I felt so tired. And because I almost started crying I got up out of bed to tell myself off. Anyway, maybe last week was a combination of the weather and your body telling you it wanted a break and look what two days did for ya!?

  2. Well, you are powerful.
    Coffee and blogs - my favorites!
    I hate humidity and it's not like I run in it...

  3. So glad you showed that route who was boss! :)
    The fighting with yourself isn't just because you live alone! There's three other people in my house and I'm always bitching about having to get up...and not even to run, just GETTING UP!!
    And, um, I'm pretty sure this blog is all about you, so...

  4. Two whole days??? You are too funny, you totally deserved a break.

    I am finally getting back into the excercise thing...hope to kick some trail booty myself, but by no means in the same realm of the workouts you do! Glad you got back in. :D


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