Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Virtual 5k - Scully Style

My niece

Normally, I don't solicit to family and friends.  Normally I tend to keep to myself when it comes to things like fundraising or raising awareness or getting involved in any sort of way.

I was #15 to sign up for The Virtual 5k.  Once it started becoming less of a 5k race and more of a 5k however-you-want I got the idea to start nagging my family.  I actually don't know a lot of runners.  I don't belong to any groups and I'm a solo exerciser most of the time.  At $10 a head for registration it seemed like peanuts!

I decided I was going to run my 5k at a specific place and if my family wanted to come out for an hour or so of their Friday evening that would be great!  It took a bit of pressuring and a wee bit of nagging to get them to sign up in time but they made it happen!

SOMETIMES, it's hard to motivate my family.  It's true!  If I say "running" I think most of them might shy away.  But if I say "walking, biking, etc" well, that's a different story!

Sister, Bro-in-Law, Mum, Brother, Father, Niece & Nephew

I have a VERY supportive family.  But until I walked over and saw every single one of them wearing a hand-painted white T-shirt that said "I'm doing this for my ____" I had no idea.

My friend Jason and sometimes running buddy
Since my camera was sort of broken from the car crash earlier that day, I had a hard time getting pictures.  The backs of the T-shirts all said "JDRF Virtual 5k" on them. 

My friend and I got there early so that I could put my rollerblades on and measure the 2.5km turn around point.  Then while some of my family rode bikes, some of them walked (or got pulled in a wagon), Jason and I ran.  We ran pretty hard.  Well, hard according to me.  Through all the hubbub of the family arriving, the rollerblading and what-not my BG crashed as we were getting ready to go.  I wasn't nearly as responsible as I normally am but I was completely and utterly distracted!  I munched on some rockets and started running almost straight away.  We averaged a pace of 6.08min/km and finished our 5k in 30:17.  I was hoping for under 30 but I'm okay with that.  I felt like I was dying near the end with my heart rate up to 195bpm.  So once I finished I strapped on my rollerblades again and zoomed out to the rest of the walkers and came back with them.

My aunt, uncle and 2nd cousin. With the ever super neat bike for two
My cousin. LOVE HER!
My blood sugar behaved after the rockets but crashed shortly after the run again.  In all likely hood due to the overwhelming good feeling of having so much support there.  

The skies that were threatening thunderstorms also held out which was pretty amazing.  I was ready to run in the rain regardless but I'm glad because it made the evening so much better.

My lovely cousin and my cute nephew

Everybody had a fun time and they all talked about the "next one"

Thank you Tara for such a neat little event!


  1. You never had to nag me!! I always intended to do this, it just took me a while to find the time to actually go online and register :)

  2. So awesome!! (I think I've turned into a valley girl some how because I keep saying 'awesome' and 'totally' in all of my comments!!)
    Love that your family came out to support you...and all the other T1s. It truly is an overwhelmingly warm feeling to see that support.
    Bummer on the crappy BGs but at least it was for a good reason?!?! ;)

  3. Oh, forgot to mention that totally (see?!?!) amazing bike for two! That thing rocks!!!
    And your niece is so stinkin cute!

  4. That is so awesome! Love the shirts! Love the family support. Yay Scully Family!

  5. Yay Scully!!!!!!! Looks like a great time, glad you had the support of your family and friends. And 30:17 - is AWESOME! :)

  6. The shirts were truly incredible! What a neat family you have.

  7. Thank you so much and love that your family all came out.


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