Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Virtual 5k Race for Diabetes!

This project is form the amazing athletic brain of Tara Tosta.  The author of the blog "Mommy's A Runner".  

The Virtual 5k registration for JDRF is UP and running!  PUN intended!
I'm a little late to posting this but c'mon, life got in the way. 

To read about what the Virtual 5k is all about, go to Tara's post HERE!

To register for this amazing event go HERE!

It's only $10 and all the proceeds go to JDRF.  Tara's goal is $5k for 5k.  

If you are a runner, this could be one of your regular runs!  If you aren't a runner, walk it.  Anything!  It's on your own time at your own pace.  This is a fun event put on by a very caring aunt who loves her T1D nephew.

There are neat prizes to be won that have been donated from all over the place.  From running companies to other creative bloggers.  

For the current list of registrants go HERE!

I hope you will help whether you are a runner or not.  Whether you have T1D or know somebody with T1D or not.  If you are reading my blog, maybe you know ME!  Well guess what, I have T1D.  Guess what also?   I FUCKING HATE IT!  Maybe you are a friend of mine (*wink*wink*) and you are too embarrassed to sign up and walk or run a 5k.  I would love to get us all together to run/walk down by the waterfront as a group.  I set up that event on Facebook (if you've noticed) for my friends and family.  I thought, "Hey, I'm going to do my 5k at this time and place and if you want to join me, please do!"  This is the first time I've ever tried to get people close to me involved.  It's only $10 for an hour or so of hanging out with friends.

Where:  The lift bridge parking lot of the beach strip
When: Friday June 24th at 7pm

This is a super cute event and I'm SO HONOURED to have met Tara in person and to see her trying to come up with something to raise awareness.  There will be a lot of nagging for the next few weeks from me, Tara and Reyna.  Why don't you hop on the bandwagon?


  1. Been reading your blog for a little while now, just wanted to let you know that I signed up thanks to this post :)

    Not sure yet how exactly I'll fit this run in, possibly the only way will be to 'donate' you the run portion of my first ever triathlon on the 26th June. Though it may be more of a stagger!

    I hope you get a ton of people to run/walk with you on the day.

  2. You make me SMILE!!! Great post and Thank You. No on the MD yet...I really think my foot is getting better. I have been wearing my sneakers non-stop and resting it. Hopefully, in two months I'll be back in business! WOOT.


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