Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweaty First Class Low

I have a million things to catch up on.

- The adventures of 5 days in the meat capital that is Kansas City as a vegetarian
- SWAGGING my way through god knows what
- Having a mere hour or two to myself as free-time for 5 days

And more...

First though, the hilarity that ensued around my attempt to get back home to Canada.  Although some might not call it hilarious, I tried to laugh about it.

I went to Kansas City on business.  It was a last minute decision to send ME so there was very little time for planning.  I haven't flown out of Canada for a good 6 years and my passport expired a few years ago.  I have dual citizenship with Britain so I flew on my UK passport.  Getting out of Canada wasn't the problem, I had to fill out some visa waiver forms but that's about it.

Coming BACK into Canada however, a totally different story.  Here I am a Canadian citizen flying on a UK passport but living in Canada.  I automatically get treated as a UK citizen.  Ergo flying back into Canada I all of a sudden need a visa.  Hmmm...  didn't think that one through now did I?!

I only put effort into figuring out how to get out of the country and assumed getting back in would be difficult but not this difficult.

I arrived in Minneapolis with about 15 minutes to catch my flight to Toronto and I've got to get to the other side of this gigantic airport.  With backpack and laptop in tow I am running, through the airport.  The whole time I was thinking, "I feel like I'm in the movies!"  I never see people running through airports and here I am, booting it!

I made it to the counter with nary a minute to spare as they were about to close the doors.  OH but this is where I get stopped.  I don't have a visa for my UK citizenship and my Canadian passport is expired. They close the doors and scramble around trying to get my bag out of the hold.  The very nice lady tells me I need to go to downtown Minneapolis to go to the Canadian consulate.  Oh fuck.  It's 7:00pm on a Friday night!!  You mean I'm going to be stuck in downtown Minneapolis (without my luggage) until Monday?  I found this quite funny.  The whole situation!  I don't get mad at stuff like that because... well.. it is what it is and if you can't change it, no sense fretting over it.  Besides, like a good little diabetic, all my D-supplies were on my carry-on.  As long as I have my insulin, nothing else matters.  HAVE INSULIN, WILL SURVIVE.

Just then one of them comes up with a brilliant idea!  Fly to Buffalo instead and just drive over the border.  I can cross on land with an expired Canadian passport.  I do it all the time.  The only problem?  The flight to Buffalo leaves in 5 fucking minutes!!

OFF to the races I go again!!  I'm running as my bag and laptop are flying all over the place.  I'm trying to call home simultaneously as my ride was going to Toronto to pick me up!  I'm talking while running and people everywhere have stopped what they're doing and turning their heads to watch the crazy lady screaming into the phone at full speed!

I get to the gate, nobody is there!

One swift lady from the next gate over bolts through the door and down the ramp.  Next thing I know I'm running behind a woman in high heels (how does she DO IT?) down the ramp and into the plane.  I made it!  I'm still finding all this hilarious by the way.

The good part? Because of the mad last-minute switch up of flights I'm upgraded to first class!  Nothing too special on a measly 1.5 hour flight but satisfying none-the-less.  I sit down as the plane is being pushed out of the gate.  Sweat is dripping off my face.  I take a deep breath and two fucking seconds later.... beep beep beep beep in that descending tone greets me.  It's my CGM and it's beeping a low.  I test and 2.8 mmol/l (50 mg/dl) looks back at me.  I mutter "You've got to be fucking kidding me." under my breath and mow down on some Rockets.  I'm not phased by it.  The adrenaline was pumping so much I didn't even feel it.  It was just the situation.

It was quite priceless, the whole bit.  I can't help wondering if I would have made it if I hadn't been a runner.  I was sprinting with bags through the airport and not just for a couple minutes, it was a good 15 minutes the first "leg" and only 5 the second.  No easy feat for the non-runner.  That's the only exercise I had gotten in nearly a week!  It's not how I imagined it and it ended in a low but I made it home with a wacky story!

Lesson learned!


  1. Just reading this exhausted me.
    Glad you're home, safe and sound.

  2. Love it, "HAVE INSULIN WILL SURVIVE"...that's a great outlook girl! I get overly mad at the little things so I imagine I would've totally overacted and gotten thrown into a security hold somewhere. Kudos to you for keeping your cool. Glad you had the CGM to warn of your low!!!

  3. Oh my. Glad you are laughing about it. Sounds like some awesome speedwork

  4. Wow Scully! So pleased you made it back home, my fellow Brit! :)


  6. Holy COW!!! That is some story Scully. Glad you made it...and seriously? The beef capital? I had no clue. OY...must have skeeved you out a bit.

    Good to hear from you. I missed "Scully Posts". xo

  7. Wow! I totally would pay for a ticket to watch that insanity!! ;)
    So glad you made it home and that you are a kick a$$ runner!

  8. Crazy!
    I'm sorry, but I wish they hadn't thought to send you to Buffalo. You would have had to come and visit me for the weekend! Keep that in mind next time you're about to be stranded in Minneapolis. :)


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