Monday, June 20, 2011

June 12 of 12

A week late? It's still good, it's still good.

the 12th of June fell on a Sunday.  It also happened to be the day I spent getting down to Kansas City.  It made for an interesting 12 of 12.

1.  Baggage Tag and my mum's artistic paint work.

2.  Stresses of travelling :(

3.  First stamp in my UK passport.  Read my last post to see why I was flying on my UK passport and the difficulties I had getting back into Canada.

4.  Layover in Detroit.  Bored.

5.  THIS guy was pretty fucking hilarious.  He stood there for a good 5 straight minutes totally mesmorized by the fountain.  I couldn't stop laughing at him, or his HOT PINK shirt.

6.  I learned from my mum to wait for the final boarding call.  I know they'd like you to board in a certain order but I totally can't stand cramped spaces.  Cramped hot stuffy places like an airplane as it's boarding.  So I wait.  I am usually one of the last to board.

7.  Ah, free chocolate!  It was GOOD chocolate too!

8.  Part of the view from my hotel room.  I really wanted to check out the metal building but it was still under construction.  It's some sort of music hall.

9.  I like single serve things.  Especially this stuff!  I adore almond butter but it's a pain in the ass.  I found this at the grocery store downtown and later went back and bought them completely out!  I should've photographed the front, not the back (duh!)

10.  My room number.  I really liked that all the rooms had different pictures.

11.  Good old OTIS elevators.  Yes, it seemed I was running out of ideas but it was getting late and I was beyond tired.

12.  Lastly, don't forget your giant ticket on your way out.  


  1. I've seen that almond butter single serve packets at our local Target/Supertarget, but I do live in the US. If you run out and can't find more, give me a shout!

  2. I love looking at signs in different cities/states/countries--some of them are so funny! The one you captured is pretty good. That's how I carry my ticket--don't you? :)

  3. #5-LOL I love your pics! Helps us feel like we get a fun peak into your life :D

  4. OK, so does your mum keep track of the trips or something? Easy way to spot your bag, for sure! ;)
    Bean loves, loves, loves almond butter...she won't even consider eating peanut butter. Totally have to find some of those single serves for her!!
    I hope the hot pink shirt guy had just gotten off a really loooong flight...or he was willing to share whatever he had taken to make that fountain so interesting!!

  5. Love the photos!!! I have to try almond butter...everyone keeps talking about it!

  6. The guy...I could just see you laughing at him in your head. Looks like quite a trip and "trip"...all of it.


    My mom says the mascara is in the mail.

  7. The pink shirt guy is awesome...he needs his own show. :) Love almond butter myself. YUM good chocolate! Got a kick out of the giant ticket and I think the OTIS pic turned out pretty cool. I need to do this 12 of 12 thing next month!

  8. Great photos Scully!! Love the guy in the pink shirt..that cracked me up!


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