Thursday, June 23, 2011

Inner Battle of the Motivational Kind

Motivation can be a weird thing sometimes.

I don't normally struggle with it because I love to work out.  However, every once in awhile I find I need a little push.  Last night was one of those times.

You guys have probably heard me talk about the "stairs" so much I'd be surprised if you weren't sick of it. Ah but that's the beauty of blogging, I can still write about it and only you can choose if you want to read it or not.

So the stairs really kicked my ass hardcore last night.  All day at my desk I was debating whether or not I wanted to go for a run or climb stairs.  I really wanted to run but at the same time I hadn't done a good set of stairs in a few weeks.

I was feeling pretty beat though and having a major difficult time completing this normally oh-so-enjoyable workout.  I don't know what it was.  I was feeling extra dizzy and out of breath more so than usual.  I really didn't want to finish 10 reps.  I wanted to go home.

EXCEPT, I had planned on posting my garmin graph because it's just so PRETTY.  I was having one of those inner battles.

Scully: "Forget it, we'll blog about it the next time."
Scully: "No but I internally committed to blogging about it tonight."
Scully: " Yeah so? You always get ideas and don't write about them, what makes this time so different?"
Scully: "Nothing, I just wanted to."
Scully: "We're only half way done, you can't go another 5 reps, you're dead already."
Scully: "I've done it a million times before, I can do it again."

And so the debate continued, rep after rep.  I pushed hard all because I wanted to post my silly Garmin graph of the pretty bumps, 10 in a row.  I used my desire to blog about it as my motivation.  Sure I could have just stolen an old graph, or not blogged at all.  It's not a big deal AT ALL.  I could have climbed any number of reps and still posted the picture.  Except that I couldn't settle with anything less than 10 because 10 is what I always do.

See the pretty bumps?  I love these kind of workouts.  Red represents my heart rate and green represents the elevation climbed.

All that for a picture.

Motivation can come from unexpected places.  
Thank you DOC.


  1. That is indeed a pretty little graph and it is all the more pretty because there are ten, count them, ten peaks and valleys. Good for you!!

  2. Love the pretty graph!!! I really do! Mostly, I love your internal little debate between you and you. That was great :)

  3. I think Em gets a little bit of her OCD-ish tendencies from you ;)

  4. Pretty bumps! Glad 'we' could push you to do all 10!
    Now if I could just talk myself into some blood pumping activity....


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