Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I NEVER Dress Up!

I really don't.

I didn't own a dress, or shoes.  I don't know how to do my hair.  I know nothing about this thing called "accessories" and I certainly don't own a purse.

I couldn't avoid it forever.

I had to go to a charity dinner thing with the office.  It was VERY formal.  I commissioned my beautiful talented cousin to help me find a dress and shoes.  My fashionista cousin Shannon makes jewellery as well as doing make-up on the side.  I don't know people who have this kind of talent, I was so grateful.  This was the first time I've had to really deal with D in a formal situation.

First, the purse.

It had the essentials in my mind.  Meter parts, giant rockets and Visine for my dry contact lensed eyes.  It had my car keys and phone too.  Aaaand, it was all sequined and sparkly (Thanks Shan!) which allowed  muchos fiddling for my tactile misbehaving hands.

Then the shoes

I would like to preface this by saying, I have NEVER worn shoes with heels before in my entire life! 

When I tried these on at the shoe store, I slipped and grabbed the table beside me for support.  It gave my cousin a good chuckle.  I tell ya, this kind of shit just ISN'T my style!!  Sensible shoes for sad diabetic feet?  not a fucking chance!  My feet did not feel good in these, or the blisters I've managed to collect from last weeks worth of exercising.  But at least they covered the missing toenail!  I slipped a few times walking around but thankfully most of the night was spent sitting at the table!  PHEW!!!!

I don't drink alcohol so I didn't have to worry about that element of confusion into my night.  This was a work event so I was with the people I spend the majority of my work week with.  I needed to be on "good" behaviour.

The food?  Um... I made it work.  I am not the type that eats out, EVER.  Very rare.  I don't like it because of the unknowns.  I prefer to avoid those situations all together than try and SWAG bolus my way through them.  (SWAG = Scientific Wild Ass Guess).  This event I had no choice what was coming my way.  I was a bit freaked out because of my gluten-free vegetarian lifestyle.  I passed on the bread, easy.  I ate the salad which was quite tasty.  Then came the slab of meat.  I had to ask my co-worker beside me what it was.  In my eyes, it looked disgusting.  Apparently it was a steak - covered in gravy.  UGH!  There were a few roasted vegetables and potatoes on the plate too.  I am sorry to any meat-eater out there but this plate sort of made my stomach turn.  I am a vegetarian for a reason, I hate meat.  I would NEVER pass judgement on other meat-eaters though, it's just not for me.    This plate was a challenge in strength for me.  I choked down ate the vegetables and potatoes that were sitting in a puddle of gravy.  It was hard, to be honest.  I didn't want to leave the entire plate untouched as I already know my co-workers think I'm fucked and I didn't want to make it worse for me in the end.

Once the dessert came around you could probably see my smiles from across the room of 600 people.  I know this will make me sound super strict but whatever.  I normally don't touch very many desserts.  Primarily because of the gluten-free issue and also because I am the kind of person that benefits from abstinence rather than portion control.  However, after all that I've been through this week, the ice cream and berries on my plate were promptly consumed with glee!  I didn't eat the thing the ice cream was wrapped in because it was obviously a flour product.  I also didn't eat the strawberry syrup.

I haven't really mentioned that I work with 2 other type 1 diabetics.  YES, out of the 9 at the office, 3 of us are T1.  Not only that but we represent a big realm of T1D's.  One diagnosed at 11, Me at 22 and the other at 40!  Pretty unusual eh?

So between the three of us we argued about the carb content of the dessert.  I ate only the ice cream and berries and bolused for 20g carbs.  The other two were talking 50-60g carbs.  I thought they were crazy even if you took into account the whole plates worth.  My BG stayed within range and I think I swagged accurately.  I don't know about the other two, I never nagged further!

Finally, the dress

Okay.  So Scully doesn't wear dresses.  Doesn't wear fancy shoes, doesn't do herself "UP".  But here I am.  SO many of my friends were demanding a picture.  DEMANDING!  since this is a once-in-a-blue-moon occasion, I tried to oblige.

So after I got home (very very late) this was the best I could do.  A crap picture in my kitchen.  I REALLY wanted to rip those shoes off and get changed.  I didn't, and I at least got a picture for all those curious souls out there.

Pump issues?  I know I've read so many girls out there having troubles with dresses and where to put insulin pumps.  I am lucky to have boobs that hide my pump in my cleavage.  I have a leg strap too but with the slippery fabric of this dress, the pump stuck out everywhere!  In the cleavage it went.  You could sort of see it through the little keyhole opening in my chest but I don't think anybody noticed.

You won't get this again.  When's the next blue moon?

I will admit, it was kind of fun for something I never do.

I owe a huge thank you to my cousin Shan for helping me buy shoes, pick out a dress, lend me bracelets, a purse, a pretty little hair clip AND helping me with my hair.  She basically gave me a crash course in "girl".  I even sort-of learned how to use a flat iron for my hair.  It was comical standing in front of the mirror thinking "wtf am I supposed to do with THIS?".  I am a lost girl in a girlie world when it comes to this stuff.  Life quickly went back to normal the next day.  Phew.


  1. LOVE THE SHOES and of course the blue nail look amazing!!

    It is sometimes fun to step into that "girl" role once in a blue moon!!

  2. WOOOWHEEEE!!! I can hear the cat calls!!!


    Pretty cool about all your T1 connections a work. I don't like steak either...and certainly not a steak with gravy!!!

  3. Scully you look HOT!!! Glad you shared a pic with us. I'm impressed with your restraint...I LOVE bread and floury pastry wrapped ice cream products. :) It IS amazing that you work with two other T1's! Hope you had fun despite the formal should wear the dress again sometime, it's really cute!

  4. You don't look uncomfortable in that picture! You look awesome!!! I know it's not your style but when you have to do it for occasions like these, never fear-you look amazing!! Glad you put a photo up :D

  5. Gorgeous!!
    Glad the evening went well and your feet survived!

  6. Beautiful! You look so comfortable and beautiful! It's ok to not dress up all the time! I find it so funny to look at your dress bag! Mine is the same way! All my essential squeezed into one little shiny bag lol. That is SO amazing you work with other t1! What a small world!

  7. You looked fantastic, not "out of place" at all.
    Glad to read that the ice cream and berries were delish!

  8. Ahahahaaa! Sorry, I had to laugh, because I feel your pain walking in heels. While I am a super duper girly girl, I have NEVER mastered the art of walking in heels (I blame the decade plus of wearing skate shoes) and pretty much stick my butt out and stomp when I wear them ... so normally I stick to Keds when wearing skirts.

    And yes you are sooo lucky you have ample sized breasts for that reason alone – there's NO hiding the pump in my lack of cleavage!

    Congrats on entering the girly girl world my friend, you pulled it off perfect :D

  9. It's a scary world out there - good for you for pulling it off. You look fabulous!

  10. look GORGEOUS Sculls!!! How was the "mascara situation?" I hope you went all out on the lashes as well. :)

    Sounds like a great time. I felt for you on the meat plate...veggie situation. I know that had to have been tough for you.

    Love ya girl.

  11. Scully! Dude! You look smokin' hot! Nice duds! :)


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