Monday, May 2, 2011

Trust & CGM, can we put those words in a sentence together?

After the 5k race on Saturday morning I went off for an afternoon with the girls.  My mum and sister.

We went to a food expo.  Yeah, really, a food expo.  Hello, gluten-free diabetic here.

It's not so much the expo I want to write about its my ever-so-lovely CGM.  Dear CGM: sometimes I wish you'd go to hell.  Thank you.  Part of the benefit to wearing one of these things is the freedom from testing so often.  I test a lot and get flack from people for it.  It is a lot by non PWD standards but not a lot for PWD I think.  I average 10 times a day.  AVERAGE people.  Some days with persistent highs or lows or exercise, I will test up to 12 (maybe more) times a day.  Other days I am testing maybe 6 times.  It averages out.    So we're wandering around the expo and we had just finished getting a sample of ice cream.  OH BOY!  Ice cream is one of those things I never splurge on so this was a real treat.  I looked down at my CGM and saw a 6.6 mmol/l (118 mg/dl) with double arrows down.  It had been a number of hours since the race and I USUALLY start going low about that time.  I always want to test my BG to make sure the CGM is accurate but often times I have to convince myself to just trust the fucking thing.

I'm sure you know where this is going by now.

I decided to trust the CGM.  Lately I haven't been feeling so many lows.  Plus I was amidst this huge expo with overwhelming sights and smells all around me.  It had been the right amount of hours since my run that I would normally go low.  It was the perfect recipe for low'ville.  A bit later I saw a 2.6 mmol/l (47 mg/dl) with an arrow still pointing down and I started to panic.  I went back for more ice cream (damn right).  It was at this point (after I ate the ice cream) that I determined something wasn't right and a meter BG check was in order.  11.0 mmol/l (198 mg/dl) glared back at me.    Ah fuckin'ell!!!!

It took me almost 6 straight hours to get the CGM back on track.  6 hours of CAL ERROR, BAD SENSOR and GFYS alarms.   I have to keep reminding myself that the benefits far outweigh the bullshit.  RIGHT?!

Can I call Medtronic and get a free sensor out of this?  If I could do that every time this happened, I would never need to buy sensors again.


  1. Ah...never seen "GFYS" (I think...due to my innate ability to derive profanity from most all sayings ... that I know what this stood for).

    BUMMER on the sensor. That stinks, but glad you got to enjoy some ice cream. :)

  2. Aw I got started with the cgm but just for a three day trial. I get it off thursday and it's blind-I don't get to see the receiver which sucks. Anyway, I'm hoping insurance will approve me so I can get the cgm. All in all would you recommend it? Even though it can be a pain in the rear?

  3. Funny how technology is supposed to help us isn't it? Every time my endo asks me if I want a pump or a CGM I think back to blogs just like this one and tell her "NO THANKS!" lol

    Glad you got to enjoy some ice cream though :-)

  4. love/hate for SURE with the cgm! we have gotten 70% of our sensors replaced for free thanks to all kinds of crap happening. still..i don't want to give it up! I feel your pain!


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