Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Races... EXPOSED!

Ahh... Spring running should be over by  now but it sure is dismal and grey still. 
Why did I get up at 6am on a Saturday morning?!  Ugh.  I am still planning a long bike ride today, but I'm waiting for the fog to clear... if it ever does.  :(
In the meantime, I have wandered around my house for a few hours and ended up in front of my laptop, with credit card in hand, plowing through race registrations.

Here I am posting my upcoming races for the summer.  I sometimes feel like a moron running all these races but I really enjoy them.  I love the atmosphere and the attitude surrounding the events.  It's so powerful and FUN.  The idea of upcoming races keeps me super motivated so I guess that's the "why" to my racing.

First isn't until July 20th.  It's the Jazz Festival events.  I'm running the 20k race.  It should be really pretty.  The race takes place in The Beaches area East of downtown Toronto.  The area is notoriously known for its artsy fartsy kitchy style.  It should be neat

Then we have the fun Midsummer Night's Run on August 20th.  I'm very much looking forward to this one!  The race starts at 5:30pm and I'm running the 30k route.  That means the finish line will be in the dark which ROCKS!  The location is what makes this race so cool I think.  It goes along the waterfront trails and out into the Toronto Islands.

On September 18th I'll be running the "Grapes" half-marathon.  I don't know much about this race except that I'll hopefully be running it with friends!  It's a good training race as it's a little over a month before... duh... duh... duh...


The final instalment of my summer race schedule.  Last year I ran the half, this year I'm breaking out into the wide world of marathons.  I have no idea if marathons will be something I can actually do never mind want to do again.  I won't know until I try it though.   I enjoyed the half a lot last year.  It's a beautiful route along the Niagara Parkway.  The marathon starts in the USA and crosses over into Canada.  So cool, so different!

It's all out there now.  My goals are all out there.  I've exposed it all!     I'm super psyched already and I know this summer is going to be a sweaty one.  ;)

The BEST part about this?  It isn't only *MY* first marathon, it's also going to be Celine's first marathon.  You can't NOT smile at two T1D's both diagnosed in the same year (2002) and running the same marathon!  Not to mention now that we have started running together occasionally it's going to be a something to be seen.    I am SO so excited.


  1. I ran the Midsummer Night's Run in 2009 (15k) and loved it.

    The Run for the Grapes falls on the weekend I'm supposed to run 32k so I may be running 11k before the half marathon. Yikes!

    And yes, it's pretty amazing how many similarities there are eh? Let me guess - you love photography and chocolate too? :)

  2. oh yes and the 5K the end of June, which will be my first.Mascara Fairy

  3. Awesome, jealous of all the races. Have fun.

  4. I love it! You're AWESOME :) Take lots of pics for me....PUUUUULLLLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. :) You will OWN those race courses Sculls!

  6. There are many people who will probably think that the "D" in D-gal stands for Diabetic.

    Please be advised that it clearly stands for....


    ...keep goin D-girl!

  7. Wow! Awesome! I hope you have great races.


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