Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road Trip: To Beta Buddies!

This past weekend:

It was a holiday long weekend.  I had decided a few weeks ago to venture out on a road trip, despite stupid high gas prices.  I told myself weeks ago nothing was going to stop me from getting away for awhile.  Traditionally, May 2-4 is almost always a camping weekend.  Either a canoe trip or most likely a backpacking trip due to the fact that the weather is usually still quite chilly.   I didn't get out camping.

I went to Vermont!

Everybody knows Reyna - but just in case, she writes the Beta Buddies blog.

The primary goal of this trip was to join Team Joe: Beta Buddies JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes.  It wasn't until Reyna invited me into their home and offered to "house" me while I'm there that it really became a trip I started looking forward to.  I wasn't there long but boy oh boy do I ever have a head full of wonderful still!

If you've read her post yet, you will know about The Spanked Puppy.  It couldn't have been more fitting to the both of us.  I was lost, and sitting at a gas station and trying to rhyme off some landmarks over the phone for her to find me.  As she is talking, I peek under a low tree branch and see a sign.  I say, "What does that say? ... S.....panked..... PUPPY?!"  She hangs up the phone almost immediately after some major recognition and a few minutes later, there she is!  Okay, quite the name of a bar no?!

Yes, running out of the car, hands waving in the air with a shrilling "SCUUUUUUULLY!" coming out of her mouth while she ran over and hugged me.  I knew it would be something like that.  I didn't expect anything less, but that's why I love her!  She's a no-holds-bar kinda gal.  I only wish I could be an eensy bit less reserved than I am.

I don't know where to start.  I could write about so many things.  If you are all wondering what Reyna is like, from MY perspective well all I can say is "EVERYTHING and more!"  What you see of her online is only like a portion of the amazing woman she is in real life.

I even got to see, FIRST hand the infamous "Oscillating Mascara Brush!" we all hear so much about.  I don't want to give her secrets away but it was something to be admired.  I was in AWE!  I mean, I was even afraid to ask where she got it from for fear of having her divulge trade secrets.  BECAUSE if you really want to know, and I KNOW you really want to know, Reyna's eyelashes in real life really ARE that incredible.  I'm not kidding guys, she's got the lash thing down!!  I even noticed how they are so long and beautiful that they reach her eyebrows for fucksake!  

I was so humbled by the presence of such lashes.  To the point that on Sunday morning before the walk, I felt weak and drab next to this lash princess that I had to run into the bathroom and put a bit of eye make-up on myself.  I couldn't be seen in public like that, not next to THOSE lashes.    :)  (and I'm not a make-up wearer for anything other than work)

Okay so, now that I've gotten that out of the way I feel like I can move onto the less important stuff (just kidding).  There is one major thing I want to write here.  I have never been in the presence of a T1 child before.    More than that, one I have read so much about!  Joe really is a sweetheart.  He's so quiet and good natured.  He doesn't complain, he acts like he's got the world figured out.  I witnessed some awfulness that any of us diabetics can sympathize with.  Sometime during the walk on Sunday his site came loose.  It wasn't until hours later a 500+ blood sugar (lookit me, I'm writing in mg/dl and knowing what I'm talking about) that Reyna figured this out.  Little Joe was a trooper like nothing I've ever seen. I noticed he was a bit grumpy and tired and slightly slower than his non-stop on-the-go self.  He never once complained while he was forced to endure the long ride home (back to a decent BG).  He is a real little hero if I do say so myself.  I really need to learn to not complain.  To think, I learned that from an 8 year old!

I am pretty sure Joe did NOT like me hugging him.  He really hates having his picture taken.  I felt really awful afterwards because I think I made the poor kid feel uncomfortable.  I just couldn't help myself!  He's so cute and I love that we both have something in common, rollerblading!  (Oh and diabetes I guess)

So I got to experience watching "the mother pancreas pancreating her way through the days".  It humbled me in a lot of ways to witness a bit of the ins and outs of managing a kid with T1D.  I was never a kid with diabetes, only ever an adult so I haven't been able to fathom what goes into it.  Reyna is the primary pancreating parent.  I'm sure the years have caused it to be second nature but from an outside perspective, the system she has is solid.  I was impressed by how she handled all types of situations.  I saw, first-hand, what it's like to hold down a mexican jumping bean and somehow keep track of him as he was everywhere.  I mean EVERYwhere and most of the time, nowhere to be seen!  I feel honoured and touched to watch it in action.  I have a whole new appreciation, even more than I ever did.

I think this post may spill into a few.  There is a lot to write about still and plenty more pictures to post!

I wondered even still as I was driving there (9 hours of driving btw!) if what I was doing was stupid.  I thought, who drives that far to meet an online friend and support a walk?  I wondered if I was making a big mistake.  I wondered if I was making a fool of myself inviting my ass into somebody else's home, someone who I've never met, with her kids and her husband... in the states?  There were many times I felt like a turd.. a needy turd.     I don't regret it one bit though.  I knew it would be amazing and I was totally blown away.

More to come...


  1. Love this and can't wait to hear more about the visit!

  2. GEEZ LOUISE... you know how to make a gal feel good about herself Scully! Thank you for this post and for your insight. You are not/were not crazy for coming down. I am so glad you did. We are all changed and feel more connected through you. It takes a village and I rely heavily on you and other PWDs and D Mamas in reflecting my parenting and pancreating of Joe.

    And...I LOVE how you started out with the mascara! :)

  3. P.S. Joe wasn't uncomfortable with the hug...he just hates his pic being taken when he wants to "move" and "get on with whatever the heck he is planning on doing".

  4. So very sweet on many levels. I smiled the whole way through. I love D-meet ups and am SO glad you invited yourself over! lol

    I really love how you put the "diabetes thing too" in small, teeny letters. :)

  5. I love love love this post!! You got to the heart of Reyna...Joe, pancreas, mascara goddess! I'm glad you made the trip! I know she had a great time with you there!


  6. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm loving the stories on both sides :) Can't wait for more pics and more perspectives!!!!


    If you're ever happening through AZ, you always have a place to stay, btw!!!!

    T1 Kids are pretty are T1 Grown Ups!

  7. I'm smiling and's embarrasing but I'll have you know I'm just so glad you two ladies got to meet. Love that picture with you and Joe! It's great reading your perspective on seeing a child with type 1 by the really is funny how they make it look come things get tougher as adults? Then again i'm sure it's mamas like Reyna that make all the difference.

  8. Sounds like so much fun! Totally love the mascara/lashes bit...because you know that's the part we were all wondering about!! ;) Seriously, I was!!!
    So glad it gave both of you a different perspective on what we all live with day in and day out. That's invaluable.

  9. Awesome post. It was great to meet you and I have to say (i am totally biased) that Reyna is a total rock star of a mom and I love that she has no inhibbitions ( her running screaming at you was awesome). She manages to make everyone feel welcome and like an old friend from the start. Oh and ditto Reynas note on Joe the kid loves a good hug but only if he has nowhere to go and nothing to do, lol. Great to meet you.

  10. If you're game for making this a regular thing, I'd love to have you join the Pancremaniacs for the Tour de Cure in Minneapolis next year (June 4, 2011 is likely too soon and too close to your VT trip). I'll be sure to have my spare room ready for you....

  11. Very neat! You are both awesome ladies!

  12. If you send me an adddress, I know the mascara fairy would send you the special mascara. I know both of my Daughters enjoyed the time they spent with you and my Grandchildren.
    Reyna's mom

  13. This post was so much fun to read!!! I'm delighted that you had such an awesome visit with Reyna and her family!

    I think it's great that you got to see Reyna pancreating in person. It's a different perspective for sure. I'm sure she gained a lot from you as well.

    I can not wait to read more!

    Her lashes really reach her eyebrows??? That's some serious mascara! I need to find out more about that oscillating wand! Love me some mascara! ;)

  14. Spanked Puppy? Ahahahahahaa!!! People like Reyna (and my moms for that matter) are superstars, not other word for it!

  15. I can attest to the fact that Reyna's eyelashes are quite fabulous! I am quite jealous, I have to say!! It was great meeting you while we were there "Canadian Girl"! I wish we had more time to spend with you and Reyna! Noah was very happy to meet you. He was hoping he was gonna catch you saying "ay?". Maybe next time! LOL!


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