Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 12 of 12

May 12 of 12!

I did NOT forget, and I still took pictures.  It fell during Diabetes Blog Week and then I REALLY wanted to write about my awful race.

For the write up on the origin of the 12 of 12, go to my first month here.

For previous months go here.

1.  Hello little owl on my mirror as I leave the house.

2.  Lunchtime tea with a friend.

3.  I HATE driving with shoes in the summer.  Something about it that just makes my feet unhappy. Can you spot the missing toenail? I laugh now because for a day or two it was actually WARM here.   

4.  Driving to my evening doctors appointment.

5.  Lovely evening sky at the clinic.

6.  Snapped a pic of the waiting room for Waiting With Diabetes Flickr group.

7.  Before my appointment I went to the craft store to buy something for an idea I have for a gift.

8.  Nothing spectacular.  Just waiting at the light, en route to my parents house.

9.  I got home to find a surprise package in my mailbox from Tallygear!  It was a Sport Belt!  Although the timing couldn't be better since I had a race 3 days later I still wore my old trusty Tummietote because I know it already works (really well).  This cute package was in the envelope as well and I was honoured! Thank you, I had no idea Dubble Bubble made sugar-free gum!

10.  Ever notice how Medetronic stuff is always blue?

11.  Yeah, he's a real cutie!  But lacking in brains in a major way!  Some might call him "blond"

12.  Okay so I clearly took this picture the next day.  I only had 11 pictures!  This is the weather report.  I don't mind rain, but I'm certainly  not looking forward to it for my half marathon on Sunday.


  1. Is that a beer bottle cap? (the owl)


    The toe nails crack me up. I have lime green ones with blue glitter going on right now. AND...I finally lost my big toe nail (took it over 1/2 a year to fall off...annoying).

  2. I've been meaning to do this on our family blog for years (seriously...years), but have never done it. I think I was thinking 10 on 10, but 12 on 12 is good too...I love the way it lets you see into blogger's lives. I feel like I know you a little more now. ;o)

  3. You need to tell me more about the Tallygear stuff. Sounds like it might be a nice alternative to my big bulky running belt. Any tips for what to get or avoid when I check out the website?

  4. I've got a Garmin Forerunner like that! (Picture #10), but my software stopped working on my windows7 laptop a month or so ago! Grrrr!!! Still works in XP.

    Great pictures Scully, will have to check back on previous months :)

  5. Love these. I love driving barefoot! Although do people look at you funny? They look at me funny. Anyway, so nice that Tallygear :) And I haven't had a pump for years and yet still call that particular shade of blue "medtronic blue" for the reason you suggest. Whaddoyaknow :)

  6. What kind of dog? Definitely a cutie!


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