Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A life lesson through HAIR

It has nothing to do with diabetes.

I don't know why but I feel weird when I write about something non-D related.  I love reading other bloggers who sometimes write about non D things so why does it bug me so much?  It sort of feels like "why do I want to publicize my life not related to D?".  Like, who really wants to read it any way?

This is fun though.  I have a rather dis-functional relationship with my hair.  For a basic back story, I had dreadlocks for 5 years before I cut them off in 2006.  I had spent the next 4 years regretting cutting them off.  I thought it was time but wondered it maybe it wasn't.  6 months ago, I had given up whining about my 4 years of regret and took this as hint that maybe I should go back to the old Scully.  So I did.  However, my dreadman was no longer in the business so I found someone else.  Someone WAY less superior.  I wasn't happy with the result of 2nd time around dread locks.  They were messy and no matter how many hours of work I put into them (and I would almost weekly), a couple days later they were messy again.  I couldn't stand it any more.  They just weren't the same as they used to be when I had them done by my dreadman.  The moral of the story?  Sometimes, it will never be the same.

The first time I cut them off I let them grow in a few months and then cut them off right close to my scalp.  I was left with a couple inches of hair.  This time my decision to cut them off was somewhat impromptu and I wondered if I could un-dread a portion of them while still keeping some length to get a proper haircut with.  I had been thinking about it for a few days but hadn't really committed to it yet.  I was hanging around at my parents with my sister and her two kids when this conversation came up,

Me: "Hey mum, I'm thinking about cutting my dreads off."
Mum: "Do you want me to do it right now?"
Me: "Um.... yeah, why not.  Let's do it right now."
Mum: "Well how do we do it?"
Me: "I don't know, I didn't think that far ahead."

So here we are late on a Friday afternoon.  We cut them about 6" from my scalp.  Then what?  The process was totally painstakingly hilarious.  A whole bottle (it seemed) of conditioner products, a hair dryer, a couple combs, hot watered down dish soap, bickering between my mum and my sister about who was better at de-tangling dreads, and about 3 hours later, I had "normal" hair again.  

The PRE-DREADS picture.  

Now I only had them for 5 months this time but I am a major lover of dreads.  It took a lot of thinking to come to this decision to cut them off.  Getting them again made me feel complete but they just weren't the same!  So here are some pictures, mind the house, my folks are in the middle of renovating.

The before, and the solemn Scully.

Watching the scissors!

Momentary lapse?  Nope


I'm not sure if you can see the slight smile on my face but it's there.

This is my favourite picture.  Multi-tasking at it's best.  My mum and sister going at the hair, I'm feeding my nephew and the phone on my shoulder is on speaker and my brother-in-law is on the other end.

Pictures from below make people look awful!

Really awful!

My sister really LOVES having her picture taken!

Aaand, normal hair again.  I have yet to get it professionally cut.

So, now I seriously owe my mum and sister for all those hours of dish soap knotted hair they put up with.  I can't thank them enough.  Even though their bickering back and forth about who was better and faster sure was entertainment at it's best.

What did I learn?  What was this all about?  Life is about moving forward.  I was so hung up in my past that I actually tried to go back there expecting it would be "just like it used to be."  Things change.  People change.  My contact who used to do dreads stopped doing dreads.  I always said I would never get them unless he was still doing them.  I still got them but went to someone else.  I don't feel stupid for trying something I thought would make myself feel better.  I also feel a million times better without them.  It's okay, I learned that I need to look toward the future and not the past.  I learned that all through my hair!  Sounds ridiculous, I know.


  1. OMG...LOVE THIS POST on the "superficial" level and on the "deep, metaphorical" level. Scully the photos were hilarious. I LOVE you family. The pix of you feeding your nephew...with the fam working on your hair is priceless...and yes, photos from below are a "no-no"...:)

    Love ya!

  2. Good for you girlie! Keep moving forward :). Although I have no idea how I'm supposed to spot you during 30k races anymore...

    By the way, your pre-dread hair photo is beautiful - I love the red.

  3. Great post!

    I *LOVE* the pictures -- the multi tasking is my fav! I enjoy learning more about your life outside of D. It's cool to come to know peeps in their REAL lives!

    I love the hair. Completely agree that a journey through hair can get REALLY deep. Enjoy your new look :)

  4. Doesn't sound ridiculous at all! Love the step-by-step pictures :)

  5. Love the post and love reading the non D stuff too. It help me get to know the real person behind the D-gal.

  6. I love this post Scully :) And those who know me know that I'm a lover of short hair on women, so I would say a very good move! ;)

  7. Fantastic post! I love learning normal things about my online bloggy friends :) and I also learned you can "undread" dreads - who knew!? :P love the photos, and the multi tasking shot is very cool :)

  8. Teehee! I was wondering when these pictures would show up ;)
    And for the record? Your sister was the dread removing queen. Mom.. err.. I mean YOUR mom wasn't even close..

  9. This has to be one of my top five favorite blog posts (on any subject) ever. I get what you're saying and I agree. I needed this reminder today, so thanks. Plus, the photos are so funny. I love the one where you're feeding your nephew. Talk about family bonding lol! I loved that you wrote about something non D related, do it whenever you want! (I do get your reasons for hesitating to do it though, I often feel the same. Although I did the same today and wrote about my brother lol)


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