Friday, May 6, 2011

How long? I don't know.

First thing:

You know you're a long distance runner when you complete 15km and have no idea what your time was. (for me any way)

I ran 15km on Monday.  It was a really fantastic run.  Lovely weather and my favourite location.  I find it interesting that I never kept track of my time.  I was just out running because that's what I do.  I run, I enjoy it, and I don't pay attention to anything (sometimes.)  Especially on those long runs which can get boring sometimes.  It wasn't until I got home and uploaded my data that it occurred to me to see how long I was out for.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't pay very much attention to time when I'm out for hour plus runs.  I can actually say, "I can run for hours without knowing it."

I snapped some photos with my phone.  So many times I want to take pictures of things I see but never do.  I love taking pictures, and long runs can get boring so here is my run.  This is my favourite place to run.  It's scenic and there's no traffic other than people.  There are a couple bathrooms along the way too which is a primary reason for me to run here.

This is the start.  You can see my little red car off to the side there.

At about the 3.4km mark

Somewhere.. on the trail.  I just thought this view was really pretty.  All the trees are blooming.

Insulin pump made it in the shot!  Pre-Garmin I loved running here because the path is marked.

Nice place to sit? Nice view?

*GAG*  I'm sorry, couples running in the same gear?  Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I had to run really fast to snap a photo of these guys.

"When I fall please rebuild me."

I'm going to take a page out of Katie's book and finish this up with my run stats.

Distance: 15 km
Average pace: 6:48 min/km
Average heart rate: 166 bpm
Time: 1:42


  1. love the picture! looks like such a nice run :)

  2. Ha, the couple made me want to puke! Too "matchy" for my style for sure. I took a pic with my phone tonight at the ball to ask Dave how to get it onto my blog. It was a great one of Joe in a tree. He said something insightful (again). :)

  3. I can just imagine you out there going for your little "stroll" and then speeding to catch a pic of that adorable couple.

    That last picture is really poignant.

    15k -- meh, drop in the bucket.

    You amaze me.

  4. PS...and, for the record, I don't mean "adorable" in a cute, fuzzy sense. I mean it in a GAG ME sense.


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