Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Hill and the BG Spike

Tonight I went for a different run.  Why is it when I intend to do some casual running I always end up competing with myself?  It's actually really annoying.  I am finding myself a much more aggressive runner now that I have a Garmin.  Information is power!!

My run tonight:  I start my run going down the stairs of the escarpment.  Once at the bottom it's a steady uphill climb all the way back up along the edge of the escarpment.  Its not steep but it's 3km long.  When I first started running this route I would only ever run it in the other direction.  Long downhill run and the stairs at the end.  I did it that way because I much preferred running downhill and then up the stairs instead of down the stairs and up the long hill.  The first time I tried running it in the "harder" direction I couldn't make it all the way up the hill without stopping a few times. Even then, I was always totally beat after.  I am proud to say that small victories pay off in spades with running.  I now only run that route in the uphill direction and I never have to stop (aside from catching my breath before continuing once I finally reach the top).  Tonight I felt powerful and thanks to trusty technology devices, I have the run stats.  

The hill:
3 km long with an elevation gain of approximately 80m. 80m sounds so piddly when it's actually written down.  It converts to about 262 feet.  Today, I maintained a pace of 6.40min/km up that hill.  Also, my average pace was 6:20min/km overall.  I'm pretty stoked about that for someone who has a hard time running fast.  To top it off, I feel great.  No pain, no aches.  

Small victories, lead to big ones.

Today's run:
Distance: 8.46 km
Average pace: 6:20 min/km
Average heart rate: 166 bpm
Time: 53.42

The only downside?


Yes that's blood on the Esc. button. 

I always set a 130%-140% Temp basal for at least 3 hours post exercise.  THIS is why I have to set it.  Nice rolling wave that indicates the before during and after the run.  Quite impressive if I do say so myself.  Then, WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  smack right in the face skyrocketing blood sugars.  Now, this made me really fucking angry today because I set a 130% TBR for 3 hours and it STILL did this.  I never see this kind of spike any more since I started ramping up my basals before I finished my exercise.    After my run, I ate some cottage cheese and didn't bolus.  There are very few carbs in cottage cheese so is that really the reason for this?  

The only other thing I can think of is that it was due to the demanding high intensity run.  I normally exercise at a lower intensity.  Not at my max like I did this day.  It must be the excess glycogen from the high intensity.  In this case maybe I need another method of BG control for that kind of run.

Actually, I just came back to this post.  I have a bad habit of writing full on blog posts and not publishing them until days later.  So after I took this picture, you can see I had just given myself a bolus.  It was an aggressive rage bolus, I won't lie.  I freaked out when I saw 12.4 with double arrows up.  Less than an hour later it was coming down FAST!  I mean, SUPER FAST!  So fast that I disconnected the pump and drank a bunch of juice.  Lesson learned *bows*.  Okay, hard fast runs need their own system and the system I used was RUBBISH!

small victories?  Nope.  but small failures - big lessons!

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  1. Oh crack me up...*bows* (I may need to borrow that one sometime...with linking ofcourse).

    I admire how you have studied every scenario with the working out...and now you have a new scenario to figure....I feel like that with Joe...Hockey is WAY different than baseball. As a mother and spectator, I prefer hockey. As a pancreas, baseball is much, much easier :).


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