Monday, May 30, 2011

Good... Meh... Bad Run

It always surprises me the adventures I have while running long distances.   I mean, the duration of these runs is usually 2+ hours.  A lot can happen in 2+ hours.

First; this is the first day I've gone running in shorts and a T-shirt and that's IT!  It felt so ... ... ... FREE! Until this morning (the next morning) when I noticed the bad sunburn on my neck, arms and legs.  I am a hardcore sunscreen user because of my bland fair skin.  It seems in the excitement to run in warm weather I forgot what I normally never forget - sunscreen.

I owe a thank you to Green Stevo for eating a million containers of fat-free yogurt (fat-free = YUCK!) to get this T-shirt that he then gave to me.  I love the shirt so much, it fits perfectly!

I started my run feeling really great and finished it feeling awful.

Let me explain the middle bits.  Since the advent of Garmin into my life I have the ability to really be able to pay attention to my numbers.  Because this was an LSD run (Long slow distance for those not in the "know") I concentrated on keeping my pace around 7min/km.  More often than not I just run at whatever feels right but this time I paid attention.  The first loop (8km) was really lovely.  I had a bit of trouble keeping my pace slow but I got used to it.  At the first stop at my car and BG check left me eating a bar and patiently waiting.  My BG had plummeted from a starting number of 12.4 mmol/l (223 mg/dl) to a 4.3 mmol/l (77 mg/dl).  Not good.  I wasn't happy that I had to sit around waiting but it was better than just leaving all together.  The second loop was getting more difficult.  My HR average was going up even though my pace was the same.  I had to really concentrate on my breathing.  My foot was starting to hurt also.  By the end of the second 8k I was ready to just call it quits.  

It's so hard when you run alone to keep your own motivation up. I was considering just saying "fuck it".  It's so easy when there is nobody there to help push you on.  I was hurting more than I thought I should have been.

I sucked it up, ate 4 Clif blocks and went for my 3rd loop.  That was hard.  I had foot pain and very achy legs.  I stopped to walk a couple times but kept on moving for the final 3k.  Oddly enough once I ran through the ache in my legs I hit a whole new level of numbness.  This kind of freaked me out.  Is that numbness a good thing or a bad thing?  Something funny happened though.  Right near the end a song came on my ipod which made me smile out loud.  Yes, that sounds stupid but don't lie, you know exactly what I mean!  

came on and I laughed.  I put this kind of stuff on my running shuffle for that reason alone.  I would have put the video on my blog but after watching it there is far too much gyrating ba-dunk-a-dunk for my scruples to publicly display.  So click the link at your own risk.  This song made me smile enough and put me in a good mood because of the complete silliness of it.

So, I made it back to my car in the end.  I am quite sore with very achy legs and a VERY unhappy foot.  I clearly have a case of Plantar Faciitis in my one foot.  There's no denying that any more.  This run irritated it to a new level of pain.  I have a lovely frozen water bottle to roll my foot on but I can't seem to stop the pain with certain exercises.  It started back in March so I'm a bit concerned now.

I sat around trying to determine why this run was so difficult near the end.  I had plenty of water and was not dehydrated.  I was managing my BG's well so no major highs or lows.  I ate breakfast but nothing else.  Yet I hurt.  I was quite dizzy whenever I stopped which worried me a little.  I've been dizzy but not that dizzy.  What concerned me the most is the post run.  I nearly fell asleep driving home which was only maybe 8-10 minutes.  I could have fallen asleep in the shower.  I can barely keep my eyes open and I'm a little nauseous so I haven't been able to re-fuel except for a banana immediately after the run.  I'm not just talking about being tired, I'm talking extreme sleepiness.  I don't want to fall over and go to sleep.  Sure I get tired after runs but NEVER to this extreme.  There's a difference between being tired and barely able to keep my eyes open.

I am wondering what I've done wrong here?  Not enough nutrition before maybe?  That's the only thing I can think of.  Or, maybe I shouldn't have pushed the last loop.  Perhaps I should have listened to my body when it wanted to give up entirely.  I believe in reading the body but I also believe I can't get stronger unless I push my limits.

One plus to this run, my guts behaved the entire time.  I think that's a FIRST!

Today's Run:
Distance: 23.55km
Time: 2:45:10
Avg. Pace: 7:00min/km
Avg. HR: 174bpm

Oh and I would like to add that according to my Garmin I burned 1642 calories.  I deserve a piece of cake or something!


  1. You SO deserve that piece of cake! Wow, I'm impressed by runners, I have tried again and again...just cannot run more than a few steps without returning to walking. Good luck, hope you are better in no time!!!

  2. I have a wicked plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I'm desperately seeking tips from more experienced runners...for a long time I thought it was just because I had gained weight -- and only fat girls got something like PF. After learning that you, Reyna, and Tara have also battled it, I don't feel as bad about it...but it's a killer. I'm trying to be a runner, but it hurts SO bad...ALL THE TIME! Even if I'm just walking around the house -- OUCH! I've tried Motrin, to frozen water bottles, to a brace-thing that I wear at night....HELP!!!!!!

    Badunkadunk, Baby! I wanna see you break out in a gyrating dance :)

    Lord knows I got plenty of junk in this trunk :)

  3. Yuck to the blood sugar ups and downs. Yuck to the post-run exhaustion and yuck to the plantar fasciitis.

    Yay to getting a great song, running in shorts and a t-shirt, smiling out loud and burning 1600+ calories.

    Now, you gonna go get some treatment for your feet or what? You got lots of races to run this summer and frozen water bottles won't cut it. I can give you a few good names if you want.

  4. BACK THAT ASS UP! Nice and "classy" LOL...The video was hilarious. I also love "Baby Got Back".

    Bummer on feeling so tired Scully. I always attribute that to either not enough hydration or nutrition/fueling (not that I am a pro)... I don't even know about "D" in the mix of all that. AND, I hope your foot isn't getting worse! I had someone look at mine last night at a friends house. He thinks stress fracture or spur?! Ugh...who knows. I still need to make the appt. I think perhaps you should too...Did you get the sock thing?

  5. Tara again - Sorry for the Anonymous but that is the only way I can post and it took me a day to figure out, lol. Clearly I am the slow sister. I am a bit confused on how you would figure out the nutriton and hydration and diabetes on these long runs. But like Reyna said many times when I am exhausted after a run it is due to dehydration. You have to take in a ton of water to stay ontop of the curve. So far as the PF goes dude if it is hurting all the time you have to lay off. Did you see Reyna? She is the example of what happens when you don't stop when it hurts really bad. Take an easy week and massage and ice that sucker and then hit it again next week. Oh and if either you or Wendy are interested there is a type of therapy called ART (active realease technique) and that guy with tear your foot up, it hurts like no ones business but it does get some quick results for PF. The guy say took out some plastic took and scraped the bottom of my foot to the point it was all bruised the next day but the increased blood flow did help get me back sooner.


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