Friday, May 27, 2011

Good for you Hills!


I've been told I say that a lot.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love running?  once or twice maybe?

Lately I have been loving meeting other type 1 diabetics.  ESPECIALLY athletic type 1 diabetics.  Especially especially athletic type 1 diabetics who live close to me.  Lastly, especially especially especially type 1 diabetics who live close to me and run!

In all my years of running I have to admit I've never really done any specific training.  I cross-train a lot with spin classes, cycling, stair climbing and roller blading.  But I've never done any hills, speed work or specific things like that.  I usually just.....  run.

Yesterday after work I had the pleasure of running with Celine from Running on Carbs.  I asked her a week or so ago if I could join her on one of her hill run nights.  I think its about time I learn these pesky skills.  I can run a long time on a flat road.  My speed rarely varies.  I just go and go.  However, now that I am training for my first marathon I am planning to incorporate other good stuffs into my schedule.

HILLS are kind of fun!  Thank you Celine for being patient with my slow ass.  I couldn't keep up with her up those hills which was actually really great to be honest.  I paced myself by her and used her as my own personal bunny!  See, Celine and I run long distances at about the same pace which is difficult to find in the wide world of people to run with.  So being able to follow her, allowed me to get a handle on what I need to work on.

I also learned how to maneuver those arms to push up hills more efficiently.  Thanks to her and her partner Doug who ran past me (practically sprinted past me) saying "pump those arms!"  The next time he sprinted past me he said it again. I thought I was pumping my arms but apparently not enough.  By the third time he sprinted past me he said "That looks good!"  These are things you can't learn from books.

So it was a really great work out.  It was hard, especially those last couple, but I love pushing my limits and seeing how far I can go.  Besides, it makes me stronger.  Getting soaked in the rain was quite nice also, it took the edge off the warm weather.  Next week these crazy folks are taking me to do some speed intervals.  One of these days Celine, it will be my turn to drag you up and down my stairs.  :)  Sharing is caring eh!?   haha

I haven't had much luck on the BG front the past couple days however.  After not having any insulin on board and setting my temp basal down to only 25% 1.5 hours ahead, I am still starting my runs with a 3.4 and 3.7 mmol/l (61 and 66 mg/dl) the past two days.  It has caused me to ingest icky things to get my BG's up enough to head out the door but as a result I skyrocket when the run is over from the lingering sugar.  I'm also dealing with nausea the first day (because I ate Cadbury mini eggs ICK!!) and burping up giant rockets that were burning my throat (yesterday).  I have made it work though, by setting my pump at 150% long before the run is over and dosing 1-2 units of insulin afterwards.  It's working but that is not to discount the fact that I shouldn't be having to do this in the first place.

Oh boy aren't re-occurring trends awesome?   Pppfffttt.....

To end this post on a nice note, I absolutely LOVE that I can run with another T1D.  I love that when my meter beeped back with a 3.7 mmol/l that Celine got it.  There is no question the friendships that can develop from this awful disease are kind of worth it in the end.  THANKS for that, Celine.

(I'm not sure if you noticed I squeezed in the "training for a marathon" note.  More on that later, it's officially official as Celine would say)


  1. Yeah so the fact that you were about ten steps behind me on the hills on your first try means that you will be officially kicking my ass in no time.

    It was fun though and, as I am sure you understand, pretty amazing to run with someone who gets it. The fact that you have all the same tubing and plastic baggies that I do and that your stuff makes all the same beeping noises that mine does is just wicked!

    On a completely different note, I'm already having nightmares about your stairs...

  2. You two make me smile. AND...EWWWWWWWWWWW on the Rocket Burping! :)

  3. What an amazing blessing to run with someone who gets it!

    It makes me smile. :)

  4. So cool you found someone to run with who gets the D-thang! I gotta ask, where those the malted milk ball style mini eggs or the chocolate/fondant mini eggs that caused the nausea?

  5. **LOVE THIS**

    So excited to witness these relationships blooming in your world ;)

    I'll be plugging along back here with my measly mile or 3 and a couple mounds called hills. But please know that you're in my heart, helping to inspire these feet to keep moving :)

  6. this is a great post. having goals is one thing, but being good already and then striving to be b e t t e r. awesome.

  7. I LOVE HILLS! But speed training, especially on a track, totally overrated! Just saying... apparently I say that a lot :)


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