Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ghetto Waterproofing for a Pump

Medtronic.  She ain't waterproof!!

After my last learning experience with the hot tub, I didn't want that to happen again.  The weather for the race on Sunday was pretty miserable.  It called for a lot of rain all day long.  I couldn't take any risks hoping for no downpour.  It did rain for the entire duration of the race.  I was wearing my CGM and needed to check on it throughout the race so I needed my pump to be accessible AND visible.  I would have just shoved it in a bag and put it in a pocket or something otherwise.  

So here is how I did it.  With some good old fashioned Duct Tape and Ziplock bags.

Step 1: Gather necessary items!

Step 2: Cut hole for belt clip

Step 3:  Get jiggy with the Duct Tape sealing up the baggy.  I cut the baggy in half because there was just too much plastic.

Step 4:  Put the pump in with the clip coming out through the hole.  Start sealing and wrapping with Duct Tape.

Step 5: Not really a step so much as a picture.  The view from behind.  A mess of tape and folded bag with the belt clip exposed enough to clip to my pants.

The final view!  this was at 5:30am as I was doing my final preparations. 

I didn't seal up the end of the bag where my tubing comes out because I didn't think enough water would get in through there to cause any damage.  It didn't either.  It looked pretty curious as it was out in the open and other runners were staring in a weird way.  Like WTF is that mess on her waist?!

We do what we gotta do folks.  Medtronic pumps aren't waterproof.

I wonder if Medtronic ever thought that athletic type 1's would be using these pumps in a myriad of situations?  They are still medical devices after all right?  I mean if the company made a case of some sort to properly waterproof their devices, I would most certainly buy one.  But such a thing doesn't exist from what I've seen.

Ergo, we have to come up with SOME sort of system!  If anybody has any better suggestions, I'm all ears (eyes!).


  1. Next time I see you I'm bringing you some snack-sized ziplock bags. They fit a pump perfectly with no extra plastic to have to cut off and duct tape. I put the pump in the bag and then slide it into my belt clip. Perfect!

    Although I must admit your MacGyver-esque jury-rigging is pretty impressive and makes for much better pictures :)

  2. MANNN if only I could have travelled into the future years ago and seen this post. I was always trying to waterproof my pump and my best (and saddest) attempt was to stuff it upside down into my bra. Not bad, Scully! And I agree they need to come up with this stuff...people would buy them!

  3. I know their are bags for Dexcom Users. Not sure if they are Dexcom specific or not...but they are waterproof....I'll go scope out the link where I saw this at.

    AND...LOVE the ghetto waterproofing. You are one in a million Scully.

  4. I have a friend who used one of those Food Saver vacuum seal systems (like for freezing extra food and stuff)... she sealed up her kiddo's Dexcom and they went swimming all day. Worked like a charm!

    Food for thought!

    I love your duct tape, though ;)

  5. Amy from DiaPeePees wrote a post sending people to this link. I don't know which bag it was though.

  6. I use the "stuff it in a zippy bag" method, too, but I just leave the whole clip business out of the equation. (Though, I love the way that it prompts a spectacular use of duct tape.)

    Turns out ~10 years ago when Minimed released the Paradigm they touted it as waterproof to X meters (10 maybe?). Which was awesome. I wore it all the time: in the shower, in the rain, in my sweaty running shorts pockets, etc. Then a whole bunch of people noticed that their pumps died horrible deaths... often like this.

    Then they sent everyone with a Paradigm saying that they were waterproof when they left the factory, but then they crack a little bit and water gets in and they're fucked.

    So I stopped wearing it in the shower... or the rain. Then I realized I needed the zippy bag when I go running, too, after having a few more fail after getting wicked sweaty. Here's hoping that solves it.

  7. I love your ingenuity. :)

  8. This is amazing! I am so impressed! You would like medtronic would make some sort of waterproof bag or something.

  9. Great idea! I will have to remember the ghetto water proofing :)

  10. If I ever run in the rain, I'll now know how. Probably not gonna happen...

  11. I think you should just go work for Medtronic and bring your great ideas to them.

  12. That is awesome. Very clever!

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