Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week ::: What I've Learned

Diabetes Blog Week Day 7

It's over?!

That was a hard week for me to get to all the posts.  I was particularly busy and not around very much.  Not to mention "The day Blogger shut down...  duh... duh... duh...".  That is not to say that I didn't think it was AWESOME GOODNESS!  It was just hard finding the time.

So here we are.  Today's topic is to summarize what we've learned.  I'm going to concentrate on specifically what I've learned this past week as opposed to in general.

One thing that's been on my mind for the past couple days:  Do you think there are other blogging communities as huge or as tight as the DOC?  Look at what this past week has uncovered.  Over 160 bloggers participating in Diabetes Blog Week.  Seriously?!  That's insane!  Good insane of course.  There are that many people out there actively joining this week of community.  And that's just the ones that participated.

Through Diabetes Blog Week I have "met" a ton of great new DOC'ers who have either commented on my posts or that I've found while looking through other posts.  I am always so excited to connect with other like-minded Type1's.  Especially because we have so much to learn from each other.  There is a gigantic participant list that I go back to from time to time to seek out new friends and type ONE'ers alike.

So really, what have I learned?  The DOC is HUGE. There is so much to take away from a community event like this one.  We are a pretty tight knit group of supportive and comedic people.  I have read so much good stuff this past week and tons more to catch up on for weeks to come.  We are all so very similar in many ways.  What we deal with is what gives us that common ground.  

Major kudos goes to Karen at Bitter-Sweet for orchestrating this madness for the second year in a row.    It looks like an annual staple in the DOC for sure and I really got a lot out of this.


  1. And so say all of us! Great posts this week Scully, enjoyed them all - going to try and keep up the momentum!

  2. I really enjoyed keeping up with my old friends and making new friends. It has been a "bonding" week and I am even more grateful and feel even more a member of the DOC after this week.

    Hey, I don't think your cursed in this post! Is that a first?

  3. Seriously! This D-blog week just flew by, even with the Great Blogger Shutdown of 2011! We are a large and in charge group of diabetics and those who love us.

  4. I to have really enjoyed finding the new bloggers (to me) that I did not know were out there and of course reading my old crew blogs :)

  5. I've always loved your blog! Great post! Now I need to get busy updating my site and do this more. Thank you too for posting throughout.

  6. It is much bigger than I realized too! It was such a wonderful, inspiring week!

  7. I'm still so new, and this week has let me learn so much more about all the bloggers I've been stalking (like you).

  8. The week did fly by! It was so much fun to read so many posts and meet so many great d-peeps. You're right - the DOC is a huge and amazingly supportive group.


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