Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week ::: Saturday Snapshots

Diabetes Blog Week Day 6

Ah, diabetes in pictures.  Is there a limit as to how many we can post?  I am going to select a few of my favourites over the past couple years.

I have always loved this picture.  Life support "lost" in space

My tattoo Medic Alert ID I designed and had done last summer.  Picture taken soon after it was done. You can read about it here.

Pumping insulin can be a kinky business.

Just a wee bit of math that goes along with some homemade soup.  When I look at this picture I get completely discouraged.

So much trash :(

This one was in my last 12 of 12.  A very bad morning full of stress and anxiety.

Death of a transmitter after only 9 months.  

I think this was pump #2.  I'm on #4 now.

This one is called "5 days of life in 1.8ml"

One of my favourite pictures!  The finish line after the Niagara Falls Half-Marathon.  I'm showing off my Tallygear Tummietote!

Some days are really FUCKING DRAINING.  Just looking at this picture makes me tired.  That, my friends, is a glucoaster at it's finest.  I want off this ride :(

This was my submission for Diabetes Art Day on Sept.1, 2010.  I even won the Sugar-Free Poetry book!

My genius attempt at making my life a bit easier with lack luster glucose meters.  The post I wrote for this got a huge amount of traffic!  That means somebody up high in the meter companies needs to see this.  

I had 3 times as many pictures but this will do for now.  I like to photograph diabetes things.


  1. You are a talented photographer!!! Fabulous photos!!!

  2. Very artistic. Your handwriting is so neat. The pic of the soup details I actually find ENcouraging! You must have come up with the amount of carbs! (I know it's not necessarily that easy). I remember you DArt Day piece - very impactful. And I love the insulin vial shot.

  3. The 5 days of life got to me...

  4. Love the tatoo!!! Great idea, cause I can never find my tags. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I really think you are so awesome. Your diabetes art day submission has been in my cube ever since. No one has asked me about it, but I look at it often. Thank you. Thank you. I'm still debating the tattoo.

  6. I love the D tattoo! I want one, but having a hard time finding an artist who can do something more intricate than a smiley face or a heart or spelling out "MOM" around here. That's only about 50% sarcasm.

  7. This post made me cry and laugh. Your pictures are more telling than the thousands of words I've written. LOVE this post!

  8. These are all so awesome!! I love the death of a transmitter!!! That is soo funny! Even my boyfriend loved it :)


    And what's crazy? I totally remember most of them. Like we have history or something.

    Keep on capturing life, my friend.

  10. My husband and I have been talking about me getting a tattoo in the same place. I didn't realize you had one. He says that the wants me to be able to get another tattoo over it one day that looks like a stamped "CURED" over top...I can only dream. :o)

  11. I heart you Scully! Great photos and THANKS for reposting the little light thingy..i was thinking about the other week and wondering how to find the post!

  12. Discouraged?? When I look at the Soup Math picture, I think how impressive you are!!

    Also love the dead transmitter skull!! :)


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