Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week ::: Diabetes Bloopers

Day 3 of Diabetes Blog Week

Oh diabetes bloopers, blunders and down right f*ck ups!  I have plenty of those.

I have also written a number of posts about some of those moments.  Rather than re-writing them I will summarize each one with an added link.  I wouldn't expect anybody to read them all but this is just proof that I am a pretty clumsy gal.  

Most recently, my insulin pump had an unintentional swim in the hot tub.  Within 2 hours Medtronic had a new one out to me.  You can read about said blunder here.

I've also been known to leave the house with an almost empty reservoir.  A knowingly empty reservoir.  That's a definite ass hat move on my part.  It's called slap me upside the head

Another time I was a forgetful diabetic and forgot to set my pump ahead of time for spin class.  I pulled through with a last minute saving grace of suspending my pump and hoovering raisins.  Spin Class Whoops

I've tried to untangle half inserted infusion sets in my arm one handed in the bathroom at work.  I really needed some assistance but managed to get the sucker to stay in, though it looked funny.  The picture is worth the link click.

Another blooper which really wasn't a funny story was that time I was on the beach during the first day of vacation.  I got sand in my Quick-Set infusion set and was totally screwed for the next 12 hours because I didn't notice what was wrong.  6 hours up 12 hours down

I have had my fair share of infusion sets not sticking come summer and sweat season.  I usually remedy it with duct tape.  Another post where the picture is worth clicking for.

Then there was that time that my infusion set was in my thigh and it somehow became disconnected.  I don't know how long it was mindlessly delivering insulin into my pants. How Long Was I Out For?

Finally last summer I lost TWO glucose meters in a matter of two weekends while mountain biking and road riding.  I still feel like a "champ" to this day and learned NOT to velcro my meters to my handlebars any more. Shame On Me Twice

Those are just the moments I've written about.  A few weeks ago I had my first run-in with a door handle and totally ripped my infusion set out.  Yah, I know, what took so long?  I keep my pump in my bra so that doesn't usually happen.  I've had my fair share of forgetting to bolus, running out of needles (back in the injection days) and using expired heat-effected insulin while travelling in Asia.

To be honest I can't say a whole lot of hilarious stuff has happened to me yet which is surprising.  Most of the things that happen don't actually end up being that funny because they are often too serious.  Then again, maybe I'm just too tired for tonight's assignment. 


  1. At least by reading about others' "goofs," I don't panic as much when the SAME thing happens to me. But - no bike so no meter loss there for me.

  2. I totally missed the DUCT TAPE!

    You're right....SEX-Y!!!!!

  3. This was wonderfully entertaining, I had a hard time thinking up something because like you said, this stuff is serious so it's hard to find it extremely funny. And yet your post was very amusing and I especially loved all the pictures-they say so much!

  4. Great duct tape work!! and great post. It is always nice to look back at ourselves and smile! I'm loving these blooper posts!

  5. Ah...nice job with the Duct Tape! Did you know it also kills warts!? I didn't until my sister told me about it and I used it on my Plantar's was a huge one...and it WORKED!


    And, you are right...many times the consequences of our f*ck ups can be dangerous.

  6. The duct tape one got me, too! My husband swears that duct tape fixes everything! :)

  7. You are so right! The pictures are worth clicking to see!

    I'll have to remember the duct never know!

  8. Love the duct tape..genius!

  9. Great post! I used the old "heat expired insulin" myself in Cancun...was a great vacation minus the hospital stay - Doh! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Haven't we all been that clumsy? lol Thank you for linking me back! I loved reading them all in detail :) makes me feel like I'm not the only one.

  11. Duct tape!? Ouch!

    Although that may be just about the only tape I haven't tried to get a set to stick!


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