Thursday, May 12, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week ::: 10 Things I Hate About Diabetes

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

The Ten Things I HATE About Diabetes:

2.  The stress involved managing a 24/7/365 disease
3.  The GUILT around everything I eat
4.  Going for a run or bike ride with so much CRAP in tow
5.  That I can NEVER seem to bolus correctly for sweet things like chocolate
6.  Crashing blood sugar at inopportune moments and places
7.  Waking up in the middle of the night alone and feeling like I'm going to die
8.  Feeling helpless to some of the inevitable complications
9.  Being afraid
10. Still wondering if I hadn't taken those steroids 9 years ago if I would still have diabetes

I never realized how much I attribute a lot of my hatred towards #10.


  1. It's hard to have anger and hatred without anyone or anything to direct it towards. I hope you can find a constructive way to deal with that hatred, although I know from experience how challenging that is.

  2. I don't think we'll ever know what caused our diabetes, especially since you and I and other LADA folks went so long through life without it. For awhile I was certain that I had done something (or let something happen) to cause it.

    Eventually I just had to tell myself that I was probably genetically predisposed to get it at some point in my life when I was exposed to the virus and whatever other environmental factors were necessary for diabetes to present itself. It hasn't made it easier to have diabetes, but it has made it easier to like myself with diabetes.

  3. Wow...#10 gave me chills! And so I can understand why so much anger is aimed at that one. Anyway, great list! I hate all those things, too. I hope your #7 changes soon because that adds to #9 and #9 is one of the things I hate most about diabetes.

  4. UGH...on #8, #9, AND #10...AND #1...hell, all of them. Nice list Scully!

  5. Great list about # 10 we will truly never know. I hate you, diabetes

  6. #6... I hate this the most. Why? WHy does she always choose the most inopportune moments to crash??

  7. Just came across your blog...type 1 29 year old male here living in Mississauga. What's the deal with #10?


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