Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cross Training With The Lawn Mower?

Last night I mowed the lawn.

Yeah, exciting.

Oh but read on. It was supposed to be a rest day for me but my lawn was a fucking disaster!! All this rain has left me very little opportunity to mow it. All this rain has made it grow like super grass. It has made it thick and beautiful. Except thick and beautiful means work-out for me. I have a Push-Me-Pull-You. That's a manual lawnmower for those not up with the Eddie Izzard terms.

If you skip to the 2:00 min mark that's when he goes on about the Push-Me-Pull-You. But I think the entire bit is hilarious.

I even got my entire family calling it a Push-Me-Pull-You!

Here's how much of a workout it can be:

I have to treat mowing the lawn like I'm going for a run. Set my TBR down to 25% an hour ahead and 25 minutes before I'm done, bump my basals up to 150% for a few hours.  I never finish the lawn without being covered completely in sweat. Even though I was out last night when the air was a bit cooler, it didn't matter.

Maybe I just sweat a lot? I actually think I do.

So pushing that cumbersome fucker around is a tough job. The past 4 weeks it's been an extra difficult task because of the constantly wet thick grass from all the rain. I have to attack it in short one-push hauls. Yet still it gets repeatedly stuck in the grass gunk that I nearly topple over top of the bloody thing. If you are a mountain bike rider it's akin to almost doing an "endo" over the lawnmower. And no I don't mean Endo as in the doctor, endo as in End-over. Ass over tea kettle. Projecting yourself over the "handlebars".

It works out your legs, and definitely your arms and its QUITE the cardio buzz! Half-way through the backyard I grumbled and groaned and thought, "That's it, I'm buying a gas mower!" The whole front and back yard takes me a good 1.5 to 2 hours and I live on a small property in the suburbs. I am hoping I don't break and get a motored lawn mower, but it's a bloody bitch to cut the lawn!!

The thing is, if I treat it as a "work-out" and not the horrible rotten chore that it is, I actually kind of enjoy it. It just sucks when I want a day off from exercise. So I'm thinking mowing the lawn should count as a day of cross-training. Maybe I should pencil that into my training schedule.

Wednesday - Spin class, Thursday - Hills, Friday - Cut the grass.


  1. OMG! too funny! a "push-me-pull-you"! i haven't cut the grass since i was about 10 years old. my grandma lived in the country, on a pretty big lot. she had no neighbours and didn't really care what her lawn looked like so she let us kids cut it with the "push-me-pull-you" you talke about "endo's" been there! thanks for the walk down memory lane. that's my cross training for the day!!

  2. LOL!!! That's so funny. I have told my hubby that we're moving to a condo where there is yard maintanance because I AM NOT MOWING THE LAWN lol...I'm allergic to grass! and it's a pain the ass! hey that rhymed!

  3. Hilarious! I really need to spend a day watching Eddie Izzard videos soon. I'll call it an abs workout. :)

  4. Total cross training workout. No doubt! This cracked me UP! If you ever wanna come mow our little slab, feel free. It's dry as dirt, but still needs some mowing!

  5. OMG I am so frickin annoyed, this is third day of not being able to post correctly in blogger errrrr. I tried to respond to your last post a million times (slight exageration) but no dice. Your post and the video had me laughing. I decided after talking with you to stick with the gas mower. Impressive you are sticking it out. -Tara


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