Thursday, May 26, 2011



(Tara, I stole this from your blog!)

This is Tara.

She is the sister of Reyna.

An Aunt to Joe.

She is an Ultra-Marathoner!

For you runners out there.  Experienced, new, and everything in between .  Diabetic or NOT, we need you!

I met Tara this past weekend while visiting Beta Buddies.  I was totally blown away after finding out this chick is HARDCORE.  I mean, she runs ultra marathons!  That's 50 & 100 mile races my friends.  There aren't words that could describe how honoured I was to meet and pick the brain of someone like this.  She is absolutely graceful and completely modest.  She even let me roll my sore (and probably dirty) plantar faciitis-soled foot on her massage ball.  That's kind of gross, but she gladly offered!  (for the record I am wart and fungus-free, ain't that lovely!)  Not only does she run these races with a smile on her face, she PLACES in them.  That is incredible!  She is my new hero not just because she runs what I could never dream of doing, but because of her attitude.

After the JDRF walk she was inspired to do something big.  Something to raise money and create awareness.  Her talent is... well... RUNNING!  In a round about way she came up with a plan:

A Virtual 5k Race!

I think this is an amazing idea!  The details of which have not been ironed out but I felt the need to start getting the word out.  I will be sure to broadcast it loud and clear on here once I know.  This is for all people!  Start spreading the word as this is for a good cause (DUH!).   ANY body can do this, walkers, runners, PWD, Non-PWD.  There might even be a whole bunch of donated prizes!

Thank you so much for listening!  (erm..... I mean reading!)


  1. Oh man! Thanks Scully. Not to worry I am wart and fungus free as well, lol. A ton of folks are donating stuff so the raffle is going to be hardcore. Wahoooooooooo. I will post the details and date soon. Thank you so much and it was great to meet you.

  2. What a cool idea! I don't run...unless it's for my life, from a bear or something! But I love to walk. Looking forward to more info!
    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME I will stay tuned for that!

  4. Ah seriously, the "wart and fungus-free" cracked me up Scully! And...ah you are pretty DAMN impressive yourself good friend.

  5. I'm totally psyched for this. I can do a 5k! I CAN DO THAT! And I know lots of mama running types who would be willing to run it with me. Well, maybe ahead of me...but you get the idea :)

    TOTALLY IN!!!!

  6. Sounds awesome. Count me in!

  7. You almost scared me away with all that ultra-marathon talk (though I considered sending to a long lost/sorta refound friend). But, 5K... Becca and I could walk that.

  8. lol so funny. all this talk of warts and fungus is making me feel like buying a loofah...


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