Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bloggers Representing the Provinces!

I've been a busy little blogger.  Just not in the computer!
I have met TWO wonderful amazing bloggers!  OUT of the computer that is.  As Reyna would say "My friend in the computer is real!"

FIRST, chronological order is imperative here as I am an organized person.  Today I post about Katie, tomorrow I post about Reyna!

Last week, I met for the first time, Katie from Princess of Pavement.  I remember the first time I found her blog.  I found her via The Incurable Runner.  The first post I read was titled The Black Toes.  I instantly felt a kinship to her.  It couldn't have been a more appropriate post for me to scream from the other side of my computer "OMG we are SO much alike!"  See, I seem to damage and loose toenails like they are disposable or something.  At that time I was half way through loosing my two big toenails.  AAAND, right now I have no toenail on my second toe in on my right foot.  So the damage and loss of toenails is what brought me to meet dear Katie!     Only in a runners world eh?     I know, thanks for damaging your toenails girl!

Happily comparing Animas and Medtronic.  I like the Animas and she likes that my pump is purple.
Katie lives on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver.  Since finding her blog, I have followed it religiously, often having a hard time NOT commenting on every single post she writes.  She is funny, creative, and down right genuinely true in her writing.  She writes one of my favourite blogs because she is always upbeat and able to make light of almost all situations.  I envy that in a type 1 diabetic.  I always leave her blog either laughing, smiling or in awe.

A lot of people know me as a bit of a pessimist.  It's true.  It's just my nature.  I am trying to change that.  To be honest, it's meeting people like Katie that influences me to look at my life with diabetes in a better light.  She is truly an inspiring tough chicky!  Sure it gets us all down but Katie plows through it with prowess.  That's what princesses do after all.

I met Katie and her husband Mario on a cold Monday night.  The Onterrible (as she aptly calls Ontario) really was terrible the ENTIRE time she was here.  I was so disappointed that Ontario couldn't help change her view on this province.  But it sure did live up to it's name.  It was cold and rainy non-stop from the moment they arrived, until the moment they flew out.  In fact to add salt to the wound, the day after they flew out I woke up to sunshine for the first time in weeks!  I find it amazing that they were not only in Ontario, not only in the city I grew up in they were also in the same NEIGHBOURHOOD I grew up in (and where my parents still live).  It really IS a small world!!

The day prior to our meet we had BOTH run a half marathon! Which I still find coincidentally comical as we have been following each others blogs and sometimes things happen to us at the same time (water ruining our pumps?).  She ran the Good Life Toronto Half and I ran the Mississauga Half a mere 30km apart.  We had a great time comparing notes and sharing stories.  She ran a FANTASTIC race and made TWO PRs.  I was so totally impressed!  She is a runner I know I can learn a lot from.  She is running her second marathon next weekend and I can't wait to read about it Katie!  You're going to rock it!  And make diabetes your bitch!  Maybe you won't finish pain-free but I am certain you will finish with a smile on your face this time and screaming the words "I can't wait to do this again!" as you run past the finish line instead of cursing.  Well maybe... I have faith! 

It actually took me a few days to process this meet but then that daft life got in the way and I haven't been able to write about it.  I was just so overwhelmed to meet such amazing people.  Katie is everything I expected and more in real life.  I really want to write a little bit about her husband Mario.  I have never met a more supportive and loving "partner of a diabetic" before.  I'm serious.  He was RIGHT in there with all the conversations.  We got into talking a lot about athletic adult type 1's and how to get us together.  How to share our stories by helping others, learning from others and educating.  He seemed very moved by our (Katie and I) desire to want to connect.  Being T1 is one thing, but being athletic T1's is another animal all together.  There isn't a lot out there for education and training.  Perhaps it's because T1's aren't normally expected to be athletic?  I don't really know.  Katie and I talked about how upset we were over the lack of training from the medical profession on how to deal with exercise.  Both of us pretty much learned everything we know through experimenting and trial and error.  And lately - from each other.  Mario, he was very pumped up on this idea.  There was just SO much love and dedication towards Katie's life as an athletic T1 on more levels than just the basic ones.  I was touched.

SO, I think we were all amazed after noticing that we had been talking for over 2 hours straight.  Between diabetes, running and cycling - the three of us probably could have gone all night.

There is so much to learn from meeting these people in real life.  Katie has changed my outlook on a myriad of things.  For the better.  I couldn't have been more happy than I was sharing my life (diabetes, running and cycling) with such an incredibly tough D-Chick!  We are a different breed Katie, the T1 runners!!  I was blown away.  Thank you for the pictures also.


  1. SCULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post totally made me smile :)

    I'm a runner-wanna-be, and stand in complete awe of you amazing T1 Running Chicas!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Love the meet up, love the pics, love the stories you guys can share, love it all!

  2. That's amazing that you two ladies met up. I read you both faithfully so it's pretty cool to see you in the same pics :) Now you'd better share any great tips you learned with your other T1 running friends!!

  3. I'm so happy you guys got to meet!!! Love this post :) Why can't someone start a worldwide database of type 1's so we can all find ways to meet others close by? It's such a relief to talk to a type 1 we click with. Glad you got to do that!

  4. Good golly! I am grinning from ear to ear reading that (which is causing my co-workers to seriously stare). It was so special meeting with you and I can't wait until we can meet again. You're a pretty awesome chick too (and such a bloody fighter!!!) and it is amazing how much alike we are with our life experiences (yes the water-logged pumps!) and coincidences and outlooks. And your blog often has me roaring with laughter too. Thanks for the smiles and super knowledge!!!

  5. Me too! I am smiling...like that there "Katie" above me. You are a BADASS Scully. I love that about you. I am going to check out the Princess of Pavement NOW! I cannot wait.

    Miss you. The kids were talking about you again today.


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