Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's not the pump, it's the OPERATOR!

It’s always just something else...

I want to thank you kind folks who commented on my seriously upset post yesterday.  Getting some of my fears out was indeed the first step.  I am still in disagreeance with myself for even writing a post like that and subsequently publishing it for the entire world to see.  However, I am still a human.  I try not to expose my soft underbelly too much and putting that out there was a very vulnerable thing to do.  The comments from some of you folks made a difference.  As a long distance friend said to me in an email: Chrissy-Chris you are a like a springy kitty-kat and will land on all fours in the end.  Please don’t ever call me Chrissy-Chris but this sentence made me laugh. 

Onto the purpose of this post? 

In an effort to add a bit of stupidity to my life (like I need more) I learned a valuable lesson yesterday shortly after writing that post.

Medtronic doesn’t lie when they say their pumps aren’t waterproof.  FYI!!!!

A very good friend of mine has access to a hot tub.  You know where this is going right?  Yesterday evening we were headed for a grand ol’ relaxing time in the tub.  For me, my pump resides in the cleavage of my bra.  My bathing suit is a bikini.  Catching on?  We got into the tub and were chitty-chatting for about 5 minutes when I looked down and AGHHH!!!!  Submerged beneath the surface of the water was dear pump, clipped to my cleavage still.  OH FUCKSTICKS (thanks Reyna). I usually clip it to my hair; dreads are good for stuff like that.  But that usually happens BEFORE I get in the tub.

O bother.

5 minutes submerged in a hot tub?  The display was swimming.  You could see the water under the display moving when you turn the pump around.  Stupid me though, I just sort of brushed it off and figured it would dry out and continued with the hot tubbing.  Before going in the tub I noticed a big-ass bubble so once out and dressed I went to flush some insulin through the tube.  OH SNAP!  The ACT button doesn’t work.  For those non-pump users the ACT button is like the enter key.  You can’t go anywhere in the pump without it.  You can’t access the menus nor can you verify anything.  My bolus wizard button also wasn’t working.  Dang, why didn’t I check while I was in the tub?  Well, if you know me at all, that’s just classic Scully. 

On the phone with Medtronic for 30 minutes and I was closer to help.  I have only had really great service with Medtronic Customer Service.  I got off the phone with them at 7:45pm.  By 9:45pm my new pump arrived via courier.  2 HOURS!  How can I not be appreciative of that?  I may not be in love with Medtronic and my pump but that is some serious customer care.  I didn’t even have to resort to a back-up plan.  Of which I have NONE.  That’s right.  I have no back-up plan should my pump fail.  I only even have a few syringes left from my injection days and I have no lantus.  I don’t even have a clue how much insulin I would take.  I don’t have ANY of my pump settings written down.   Yeah, again, this is classic Scully.  So last night in order to get all my pump settings off my pump (since I couldn’t access the menus) I had to upload my data.  Thank goodness for technology eh?  I found out the easy way that Carelink is now accessible to Windows 7 users.  I haven’t uploaded data in 6 months because of that.

WELL, 2 hours after my pump’s hot tub swimming lesson – which it FAILED at – I was up and running again.  Thank you Medtronic for your uber speediness.  Poo on you Scully for your stupidity and unpreparedness.  I think I will now... maybe... write down my pump settings and perhaps get a back-up injection plan.

I didn't get a picture of the display swimming in water because I was too busy panicking.  This morning the chlorinated hot tub water has since dried up.  OR, it's migrated somewhere else inside the pump.

This is now pump number 4 in 2.5years.  Eek.  I am terrified of what will happen once my warranty runs out.  I need to stop going through pumps! 


  1. I'm gonna call you "the pump terminator" lol

    But that does suck. When is there going to be a totally waterproof pump?

  2. Don't beat yourself up too badly. I've gone through my share of MM pumps, too.

    All of the failures I've had seem moisture-related. Usually a button stops working after a big ole workout. After the third or fourth time noticing a sheen of sweat on my pump and a button error, I started working out with my pump in a plastic zippy bag. So far, so good -- for the last ten months. (*touch wood*) Don't know how to work zippy bags into the pump + cleavage equation, though.

    As for the "What will happen once my warranty runs out?" question. That's easy. You'll never really be out of warranty. At least in the US, it works this way: When you're warranty is up, you'll get a phone call from MM saying that they have a newer model pump for you and all you have to do is send in your old one (and maybe pay a couple hundred dollars). Voilà, brand new pumpage! Sometimes you even get to keep the old one.

  3. Secretly (or maybe not so secretly) I wish my Animas pump wasn't waterproof. I've got so many bloody scratches on that thing, and the first time I submerged into the pool for aqua jogging I was begging the pump gods to let it conk out, but alas no go. Lucky you ;)

  4. 2 hours is incredible! go minimed :)

    i'm stupidly cautious of my pump, to the point of not enjoying myself sometimes because it's a hassle... so it's way better that you got yourself in a pickle than not have gone into the hot tub at all!


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