Friday, April 29, 2011

Shake yer rump & run for JDRF

It's Friday folks and like usual, I have way too much crap swimming around up inside my pea brain.

This week was bullshit for weather.  I worked out at the gym 3 days in a row because of being rained out.  I'm not complaining, it's spring and spring is wet.  It meant that I got a lot more weights into my workouts this week than I normally would and I'm feeling pretty sore from it.  I also did something that is so against the Scully code.  I skipped spin class!  I skipped it for ...... ZUMBA!  Now, I have only been to one Zumba class before and made a complete ass out of myself.  Haha, literally if you think about all the gyrating and wiggling your but endures during one of those classes.  I swear, it's not even PG sometimes.   I went with my cousin who does it all the time.  I will say that I enjoyed it more the second time than the first since I learned some of the key mambo/salsa/shake-yer-rump moves.

"when in doubt, lead with your ass" -me.

I didn't find it to be a very intense workout at all but I am not used to that kind of thing.  I won with the blood sugar department though and didn't set my TBR very low knowing I wouldn't be working as hard as I normally do.  I'd do it again, but not in place of spin class.  No sir.  For me, it was more for fun than it was for exercise.

Tomorrow I am running a 5k race.  I don't normally run 5k races but this one is special.  It's the Ford Race To End Diabetes benefiting JDRF.  It is the inaugural year for this race and I am going to run it every single year from here on out if I can.  I will proudly wear my pump clipped front and centre.  I also plan to PR.  I want to run this race as fast as I can.  I want to feel like I achieved something for my stupid diabetes efforts.  I am looking forward to it tomorrow.  I can't wait!

Lastly, I finally joined TuDiabetes!  I tried finding all you out there but it takes forever so I sort of gave up quickly.  So if you read this and you're on TuDiabetes, come find me eh.


  1. I think I am on there too. I need to be better about those groups. I prefer donning cowgirl hats, singing karaoke, and blogging :)

    Have fun with the run this w/e. That is so cool that you are participating in the very first one. And, I haven't tried Zumba before. I have a ton of friends that do it. I think I may need to wait 'til my foot heals. I am in bad shape in the foot department, sadly.

    Have a great w/e Scully!

  2. Have a great run tomorrow.
    I'm on TuDiabetes - just not often.

  3. 1) I love Zumba :) I do it for fun, but always sweat like a maniac. You're my hero!!!

    2) I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR 5K! I hope you totally KILL it and show the WORLD how amazing you are!!!! PLEASE update (WITH PICTURES) ASAP!!!!

    Run like a (T1) girl, my friend!

  4. Remember...if you lead with your ass in a're running *$@%$#&*! backwards!

    Have a great run Scully!


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