Monday, April 25, 2011

Crochety Grumpy B*tch

I had an interesting run on Friday.

A bad mood led me to it.

I was heading out for what was planned to be a long'ish run.  I was going to a location I love to run at down at the Bay.  The weather was threatening to rain for the most part of the day.  I got stuck behind some sort of fire marshal vehicle on the long road into the parking lot driving a lovely 20km/h.  I pulled out and passed the fucker cursing under my breath.  Or maybe cursing out loud, I was along in my car.  I started my run with sore tired muscles from the previous days workouts.  It made me quite grumpy because I didn't really want to be there.  I went running because the rest of my weekend was filling up and I knew I would have no time.

I was originally aiming for a 16km run.  Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a boring long run.  It wasn't boring at all nor was it long.

I hate stupid people with little dogs on long stringy retractable leashes.  I have a dog, I have a retractable leash.  When I walk him in a high traffic recreation area I keep him tight close to me.  This little white fluffy foo-foo dog took off running across the path just as I was running up on it.  I got tangled in the leash but saved myself from totally falling over.  I had my music on so I'm not sure if the owner said anything.  They just stood there and watched me untangle myself from their stupid little dogs' leash.  I said the words "What the fuck" as I was fighting to get out of the mess and continued on my way.  A little bit further down the trail I passed these two teenagers swallowing eachothers' faces while standing in the middle of the damned path. This is a busy place with lots of families with young kids running around.   I was a teenager once but standing out in broad daylight in the middle of the day on a holiday at a public recreational location sucking face?  Maybe I'm just old and crochety and painfully single but this just pissed me off.  I ran by and ignored them.  A couple minutes later I felt the sprinkles of cold spring rain.  At this point I just didn't feel like running another 13km.  I picked up my pace and found a whole new game of running.

In my running history I have never really tried putting speed runs into my training programs because I always thought it was too hard.  I have always been a one pace kind of girl whether it's a 5k or a 20k.  That's what I'm good at.  Consistent pace.  It's good for endurance but doesn't help when you want to PR.  Friday though, I wanted to try something different.  I picked up the pace and ran close to my maximum heart rate and maintained that for the next 5km.  I recently splurged on a Garmin with my last paycheck (I know, I'm bad, a post on that later).  So I was able to keep track of my pace and heart rate.  I found a comfortable zone at 6min/km and was surprised at how easy it was to maintain once I got adjusted.  On the way back guess who was still sucking face a little bit further down the path?  I ran past them, stared straight at them giving them an evil eye to catch their attention.  I said "Get a fucking room" as I ran past.  I gotta say, all it did was make me feel more crochety and old.  If it was somewhere else I wouldn't bat an eye at them but c'mon, there's children around!

Meh.  I was definitely a bitch.

I finished my run, 8km.  My average pace was 6:30min/km which reflects the first 3km at average pace.  .It never did rain.  I was excited for doing speed work, any kind of speed work.  I understand now why it is a good addition to any marathon training program.  I will be putting together my training schedule soon and I'm looking forward to all the different kinds of running I'll be doing.

I felt much better after the run.  Firstly, I got all sorts of tension out and secondly, I was happy to find speed work not so gruelling but doable for someone like me.  My sensor bit the dust at the beginning of the run so I shut it off.  I started a little high as per usual and finished in range.  No complaints there especially because I changed up my run halfway through.  Speed work vs. LSD (long slow distance) is totally different on blood sugar management.


  1. GEEZ WOMAN! I ran/walked 3k the other day and felt like there should have been a party with balloons and confetti at the end! You make it sound like a drop in the bucket...I realize that, to you, it may seem normal -- but to me it's FREAKING AMAZING that you are able to nearly triple it like a drop in a bucket. Such strength and endurance!!!! Great job on pushing yourself! And, once again, thank you for being such an inspiration!

  2. Good for you! For telling the kissing kids where to go and for pushing yourself. I'm a one pace wonder girl too and I know how hard speed work is so congrats for pulling off such a great run...especially considering the challenges you had to overcome en route :)

  3. Ah...I am with the others on the "speed work". That is where I need work on my running for sure. I am still hobbling around. My foot is MESSED-UP bigtime still. I am P90Xing and taking a couple of months off from running...hoping that will cure the foot.

    And...good for you on the dog and the kid thing. I would be thinking the same things. I have a miniature schnauzer and a retractable leash. Same as you, I keep him close to me when in crowds. And you did sound a bit crochety, but that is OK. Just glad you are exercising and writing.

  4. Bravo on upping your running pace!...err speed (i don't know the lingo...)

    Don't worry about being moody.

    And teenagers should definitely have a little restraint when there are families around. They can go hide behind a bush or something lol

  5. I've found that adding some speed to running has not only made me a bit faster, but also makes the longer distances easier.

    Plus, there's a sense of badassery that comes from running past people on the trail when I'm doing a tempo run or intervals that I think you might be able to appreciate ... especially on days when the world just needs to be put in its place.

  6. "White fluffy foo foo dog"...I spat out my wine reading that!


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