Saturday, April 9, 2011

Compliments can really make a difference.

I don't want to discount all the amazing words of encouragement I receive in comments and emails from fellow bloggers alike.  I physically blush from the other side of the screen sometimes.  So not to downplay any of that.  This is a little different.

There are 3 incidents lately that I request the permission to brag about.  First, a few months ago I was at the gym doing my regular circuit of weights before my ritual Saturday morning spin class.  A stranger walked up to me and asked my name.  He then said, "I just wanted to tell you that you have a really nice body, it's very athletic." Then walked away.  Now as most gym goers know, the gym is the last place to pick someone up.  I've never met anyone at the gym nor have I really had any conversations with anyone at the gym.  This guys' comments literally made me smile.  He was a stranger.  Maybe he was saying it just to be a creepy guy but the thing is, he walked away after.  He had no intention of carrying on a conversation.  And I haven't seen him since.  So I am left to believe it was a truthful, genuine compliment.

The second incident was a bit more familiar.  My cousin came out to watch me run by at the Around The Bay 2 weeks ago.  She lives on the route.  The next time I saw her I was complaining about how none of my work pants fit any more because my ass got big.  Yes, my quads and ass have gotten bigger and now a lot of my dress pants won't do up!  She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to mention how strong I looked when I ran by.  Not just strong in the sense of "got-my-shit-together-making-it-look-easy-strong" she specifically was pointing at my legs (and subsequently my ass I guess).  Regardless of the conversation, it still made me feel really good.

The last incident which is what caused me to write this whole post in the first place happened this morning.  Yep, Saturday morning spin class again!  My weekend doesn't feel like it can start until I get my spin in.  I switched my usual bike because the clippies on one pedal on that particular bike were letting loose with no warning.  I ended up riding next to a new regular.  We all sort of know each other, just not by name usually.  After the first set she turned to me and said "Wow, you're really fit! I was trying to keep up with you and I couldn't."  Again, one can say, well maybe my tension was less than hers or, the fact that she's probably got 15 years in age on me counts.  I don't care.  I was really happy to hear it and the XXL puddle of sweat I left was proof.

So, there's my bragging.  These are the kinds of things that just stick with me.  Things that at times of failure I need to remind myself that I must be doing something right!

I had a bad BG day turned good also today.  I woke up with STUPID HIGH blood sugar this morning.  I gave myself a bit of a rage bolus and went to the gym without a low TB set.  Before spin class my BG was still sitting in the stupid-high range.  I was able to sweat off the high BG and finished in normal range.  It was a bit of an experiment, I am reluctant to go into spin class without setting any kind of temp basal but today it worked out.


  1. OK, now I wanna see the legs and butt! POST A PIC! LOL.

    You don't have to, but I did post my abs once. I am such an attention ho...when it comes to vanity and humor.

    Thanks for your kind words the other day about Joe. They meant a lot to me.

  2. I gotta know what you're workout secrets are that compels STRANGE MEN to tell you how hot you are!

  3. That's awesome!

    So glad those people said these things out loud to you instead of just thinking them :)

    Makes all the hard work even nicer in the end!


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