Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 12 of 12

Holy crap
What a day.

For the record, I've added a new page over......     -------------->  THERE with all my 12 of 12's

Tuesday April 12th, I'm glad it's over.  I'm not glad though that I woke up today (the 13th) at 4:30am totally unable to sleep. My life, as of late, has been less than desired.  I wouldn't even know where to begin if I were to try and write a blog post.  It would be many blog posts I would imagine.  I am finding myself increasingly disappearing from my blog world.  I still read and comment on blogs every day but I'm actually AFRAID to write posts.  I have 6 or 7 posts written and sitting in my draft folder that I never published. But right now, I am afraid to start typing for fear of what might come out.  I know this is a diabetes blog and I never really intended it to be anything but.  Which is why I am trying to limit what I write about unless it has something to do with diabetes.

Anyway, here is April's 12 of 12.  Let me run by the day with you.

1.  Technically I took this after midnight so it counts!  I'm currently going through some heavy medication switches and it's really difficult.  No shame here any more guys, I'm on more drugs than just the injectable kind.

2.  Morning at the office.  Well not really.  As I'm unemployed this is where I spend all my time.  Ugh.  Finding a full time job is a full time job.  I worked on some freelance in the morning and then did draining resume, cover letter and job shit in the afternoon.

3.  Unfortunately, this is a tear.  I cried for a large part of the day about things that I just have no control over: life.

4.  The kitchen mess.  My handyman mum is tiling and wallpapering my back splash for me. 

5.  A very good friend of mine stopped by to deliver me a surprise green tea.  It warmed my heart as I went back to "work" on finding work.

6.  Three words:  FUCK YOU STRESS!  that's 306 mg/dl for you US folks.

7.  New glass and old glasses.  My new glasses have been pushing on a sensitive spot behind one of my ears and giving me daily migraines.  I was wearing my old ones for pain relief.  I took them in to have them adjusted and so far no migraines. BTW do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture without being able to see?!  It was so surreal.

8.  I then met another really good friend for a coffee (tea for me) at this here Coffee Culture.  We lamented about our financial woes and had a very in depth conversation about how "meat is his favourite" and that I am the vegetarianist vegetarian out there.  Mid-day comic relief. 

9.  I then went to my diabetes pharmacy to buy my 3 months worth of pump supplies.  I actually walked in and said "I need a calculator to figure out what I can get for $600."  It's like walking into a candy shop with a handful of change (when I was a kid and you could get a lot of candy for a handful of change)  and just laying it on the counter.  I have stock piled supplies and wanted some sensors. Anyway, this picture is the shelf of putrid sugar-free nastiness.

10.  This was also on the shelf.  What in the world can we do with powdered Dextrose?  I'm going to look into it.  Maybe some really nasty low blood sugar diabetic pixie sticks?

11.  The pharmacy haul.  Two boxes of infusion sets, One box of reservoirs (yes accused, I re-fill reservoirs), a box of Skin-Tac (I prefer over IV Prep because they are super sticky) and a 4-box of sensors for occasional use.  Again, accused!  I have extra pump supplies right now so I used some of my government funding to buy sensors.  If I ever get audited I'll just play stupid.  I can pull off stupid really well.  (shut up!)

12.  Lastly, this is my change purse.  Little things get collected in there that aren't coins.  A half-used reservoir that I have no idea how old it is.  A single safety pin likely from a race bib and yes this is where I keep a spare pump battery.  There is always one in my change purse and when I use it I replace it right away.  OH.... and there is some change in there too.  

Please come back again next month.


  1. I loved the "F-U Stress" bit Scully...I am thinking of you. What an ordeal and the thought of you in the pharmacy store with your change to purchase live-saving supplies...ugh.

    So, onto the powdered dextrose...let's do something with that and make some big bucks! xoxo

  2. *hugs* I know how horrible it can feel when stress and things get to you, and you just need a hug and a cry. I hope you feel a little calmer and happier soon, and that the job hunt pays off! And I like the glasses photo! (also good they're not giving you migraines anymore).

  3. Hey Scully - I recognize the pills b/c I used to be on them. I feel your frustration. It'll get easier.

  4. UGH.

    That's all I can think of. I'm so sorry life is such a burden right now :(

    Please know that you've been a bright spot for my girl and me. I know that's not much...but we think you're awesome!


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