Friday, March 25, 2011

Random bits of sensory overload

This is a random thoughts post because I have too much going on.  You have been warned.

I have 3 running related posts in my draft that I intended to post this week. I never did it because I just couldn’t get to it. I’ve been busy with business meetings lasting until 9:30pm and my car breaking down.  We had a wicked huge snowstorm that inevitably left me shoveling until 10pm one night.  I was out late one night at a girlfriends place and slept in one morning before work.  All of these things left me with no time and now it’s Thursday!  Tomorrow is Friday and I never have time on Friday.

I love how this picture of my smoking car looks like spring and yet the very next day we got one of the worst snow storms of the season.

TODAY is now Friday and I'm still trying to get this posted!!  It's 9pm and I've finally settled down for the evening.  I picked up my race packet after work today and got SO SUCKED in at the Expo!  You know something excites you when looking at all the fancy gear gives you low blood sugar.  I might as well have been vibrating with excitement.  Oh and afterwards I was finally able to limp my poor car into the shop.  So as I flop here on my couch alone and tired on a Friday night reflecting on this weeks madness I'm just spent.

Never-the-less those draft posts will get posted next week after my big-ass race this weekend. Holy moly, 2 more days ‘till Around The Bay. So far the weather is calling for pretty cold.  Like mid-winter temperature cold.  It won’t be comfortable waiting for the start of the race but that’s a perfect temperature to be running in (once finally warmed up). Hopefully with clear skies to boot. It’s going to be a good day (I hope!) I have not planned anything though other than my pre-race usuals.

Like I said, this is a random post filled with things I don’t have the time to really write about. The other night after work I met for the first time with a fellow blogger. Not JUST a fellow blogger but a fellow Type 1 runner who is also running “THE BAY” (as I’ve recently coined it). You gotta say it with a bit of fear, “The BAAAaaaY!” Oh yeah so I had the pleasure of sitting in a brand new really HUGE new Starbucks and shooting the shit about exercise and diabetes with Celine. She writes a great blog over at Running On Carbs,  a brilliant blog name! I am always really excited to find other Canadian DOC’ers but I am especially more excited to meet a fellow Type 1 exercise addict. And one who lives close enough to have coffee with! We both agreed that it takes a certain kind of person to be like us. Runners especially are a different kind of people, but T1D runners? We're spech-ul. It was such a pleasure to make friends!

But after, on my way home in the snowstorm I got stuck behind the Snowplow brigade moving at 40km/h for ¾ of my drive home. It was so frustrating. Which is what left me getting home at 8:30pm. I then had to shovel. Through the stress of the day my BG was sitting at 13.2 mmol/l (238 mg/dl). Nicht Gut! Oh but instead of setting a TBR for shoveling (which I usually have to do) I just ’hit that’ bitch of a shovel. 1.5hours of shoveling 20cm of wetWET heavy spring snow that kept getting stuck to the shovel, I was greeted with a slightly more tolerable 9.2 mmol/l (166 mg/dl). Win for me.

I very much love triangles and this is a perfect snow triangle!

Well that pretty much sums up my crazy crap week.  It's disjointed, I know.  Even BGs weren't behaving themselves.  I've been going super high in the wee hours of the morning for days now.

Last turd of information (for the second time this post) - 2 days 'till race day.  OH wait, another turd... I can't get rid of all those stupid spaces in my post today!


  1. Oh boy...I HATE Spring storms Scully. Good luck with the race around the "BBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAaYY"! You will do fantastic. I am sitting here icing my damn Plantar Fascitis (BOOO)...I have a 1/2 in two weeks. I am hoping to muscle my crapping-out left foot through the race.

  2. WOOT!!!!!!!! TOTALLY EXCITED ABOUT YOUR RUN!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Remind me why I live in the desert this summer, when it's 120 degrees. I don't miss the snow! (Most of the time, anyway.)

    So proud of you and can't wait for the RACE UPDATE!


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