Monday, March 7, 2011

Obstruction-Free, Maybe

And this is the post where I talk about my intestines and poop. Oh Boy!

I was told I had a bowel obstruction.  I wasn’t told where it was in my abdomen.  If it was in my large or small intestine much less what I should be doing about it once I get home.  They did an ultrasound on my guts and found a healthy gallbladder and liver.  I’m still confused, did they find something in my bowels? I don’t know.  The doctor suggested taking some laxatives to help move things along.   The thing is, once I got home I had NO need for anything that would move things along any faster than they were moving.  I couldn’t keep up with it as it was.  I had terrible abdominal pain when I tried to drink anything hot for 5 days.  Although I don’t drink a lot of caffeine, this was enough of an aversion that I had some withdrawal headaches for those 5 days.  Also, since I drink a lot of green and white tea, this wasn’t easy for me!

Naturally ye ol’ google came in handy as I tried to research what may have been wrong with me.  I don’t care what some doctors say; the internet is a handy resource.  Especially because I saw the doctor for all of 2.5 seconds.  Where else am I going to get any information from for fucksake?!  Internet taught me that it was probably a small bowl obstruction given the symptoms and where the pain was.  Granted there isn’t a ton that can be done unless it’s due to something strange requiring surgery.  I was hoping for some lovely painkillers to go home with but nothing.

Emergency room help is probably the least favourable.  I don't expect royal treatment but some decency would be good.  I had my ultrasound at 9:30 am.  Then I laid there without a single nurse coming over to me for 3 hours.  3 HOURS for them to tell me there was nothing in my ultrasound and to send me home.  The whole diabetes ignorance on the staffs part didn't surprise me but I at least expected a recognition that it could have and probably played a role.  All it did was further why as a diabetic I need to be fiercely independent.  Even when I'm rolling around unable to say my name.  Counting on friends and family to be there and speak for me and test my blood is about all I could have done.  Note to self: teach more people how to test!
It took me almost 5 days before I could eat anything more than a banana or two a day.  It just hurt so much to put anything in there.  It wasn’t even nausea any more.  I recovered though, slowly.

I am still dumbfounded as what to take from this.  In response to a few comments, yes I’ve had the celiac blood test 10 times from 10 different doctors.  No, they never came back positive but I still suspected gluten to possibly be a culprit.  I have been gluten-free for almost 8 months and have been feeling WAY better.  So that can’t be it.  The major rampant high blood sugars before probably had something to do with it.  That was definitely a warning sign but it wasn’t like I could prevent what was about to happen.

So, I’m just a bit more careful now.  Gonna keep the caffeine out of my system and see if I can’t ride this train until I’m free from it.  Caffeine is an evil vice that I'm sure my body will thank me if I rid myself of it.  After all I live the lamest life with regards to food.  What's cutting out caffeine?  *groan*.

In the end, I’m chalking it up to a freak incident.  A “blockage” if you will.  Even though I had been “going” fine leading up to the incident.   And here I am almost a week later and I still need to stay within close proximity to a bathroom.  Hopefully that counts for something!  

Anyway, I'm trying not to worry about it for now.  I will be uber aware if it happens again at which point I will take more action.  

I did run the half-marathon, more on that tomorrow.


  1. You're so righta about the internet, where are you supposed to get info? They didn't give you anything to go one! Anyway...I hope this doesn't happen to you again. I forgot you've been gluten free for a while, my apologies.

    And I can't believe you ran the half-marathon! Actually...I can.

  2. I'm SO relieved to read this post after checking out the last one. I'm SO SO SORRY to hear about all this crappy (literally) mess!!!

  3. Gahh that sucks! Hope you're feeling back to normal soon & wow for running the half marathon!

  4. YAY on the 1/2 and bummer on the "no answers".

  5. I can't imagine running a half in that condition. That is quite a feat!

  6. okay, I'm going to overshare here... I had a similar experience in 2004 where I basically didn't poop for almost 3 weeks, was in an extreme amount of pain and looked totally preggers. turns out, I had a slight "adhesion" and to get things moving again, they prepped me for a colonoscopy and then did the procedure. the prep was terrible but it worked and the colonoscopy was normal, but I'm glad they did it to rule out anything serious - ended up being a freak occurrence just like (what I hope to be) your experience. Anyway, you might want to consider a colonoscopy just to be sure everything in there is fine and dandy.


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