Monday, March 14, 2011

March 12 of 12

Horray for 12 of 12.  Probably the most exciting day of my month.


I will make a linky page for my 12 of 12's soon.  I'm getting tired of linking to them all.

Oh Saturday 12 of 12.  I never have anything interesting to take pictures of, especially when I spend the better part of the entire day sitting on my bathroom counter.  Yes... sitting on my bathroom counter.  It seems I really have no life.  Well, I do have a life to some degree but it's not very social and I don't do a whole lot in my spare time when I'm not exercising.  To find out why I pained my ass sitting on my bathroom counter.. see one of the pictures below.

1.  The mess of a site change.  What a pile of waste.  There wasn't even a sensor insertion there, just a replacement of the Tegaderm.  Garbage, garbage, garbage.  Bleah!

2.  Saturday morning spin class is the highlight of my weekend.  Yeah, remember how I said I had no life?

3. This is my side mirror.  Last time I checked it belonged on the OUTside of the car.  *sigh*

4.  The calendar on my wall.  It's all pictures of outhouses.  I love it!

5.  THIS is what kept me busy for 6 hours sitting on my bathroom counter.  No I was not crocheting a pretty blanket sitting in the bathroom.  I don't know how to crochet.  I was fixing my dreadlocks.  They have been so messy with hairs sticking out everywhere for awhile.  I just didn't want to commit the time and effort.  The time had come though and I feel like a million bucks.  Other than the pain in my hands, they look pretty fantastic!

6.  I had a carnation that started sprouting long after the flower was dead.  I cut it in half and stuck it in water. I'm wondering if it will grow more carnations?

7.  Sometimes you need a little help!

8.  Some fridge poetry that some friends created the last time they were over.

9.  I smashed my old all-time favourite mug.  :(  This has sort of become the replacement but I still miss my old one.

10.  How do you know when a sensor might be past it's prime?  You should have seen the graph it was giving me after I took this picture.  Holy hell one second it was showing a 5.0 with double arrow down and 10 minutes later I would be a 13 with double arrows up.  It's almost comical if it didn't piss me off so much.  Notice how I turned off the high threshold alarm.  That's pretty common for me when I'm wearing a sensor.

11.  WARNING PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS EVERYWHERE, DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF!!  I was already warned and have resisted buying this for ages.  I was at Walmart and saw it on sale for $3.  I couldn't resist.

12.  Some of the finished fixed-up tidy dread result from my bathroom counter ordeal.  I decorated one to celebrate.  Those are my two favourite colours lately.

Thank you for coming to check out my March 12 of 12.  A glimpse into my boring-ass life.


  1. Awesome! Now I know that, on March 27th, I need to look for a runner girl with tidy dreadlocks (one sporting a blue and purple outfit) wearing a purple medtronic pump that matches my blue one.

    Thirteen sleeps baby!

  2. Scully,
    I am just wondering....why should peanut butter lovers not buy the whipped kraft peanut butter?

    I admit, I have had to stop buying the regular kraft peanut was too addictive for me. I was eating it all the time!

  3. Well through pictures you're life seems anything but boring! Love the pictures! (my pictures would be of diapers and wipes and the computer screen, I rarely see the light of day lol)

  4. My MM sensors do the same thing at the ends of their little lives! It looks like modern art for half a day or so.

  5. We have outhouses in our bathroom, too!

  6. Hey there! Thanks for the tip about the MM sensor. The longest I've gone so far is 5 days...I was in the 200s and then it showed me at 48 with double arrows down. Freaky, but luckily not true. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. Love your hair, it's fabulous! Why shouldn't we buy that whipped pb? I always have it on hand.


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