Friday, February 4, 2011

Upcoming Races

I have a couple upcoming race announcements to make.  I feel weird putting this up as an "announcement" because it just seems odd.  However as motivation goes, this helps. Seems training for races is one of the few things keeping me going lately.  If I didn't have this to put my attention towards I couldn't tell you where the hell I would be.  This winter has been really hard for running to boot.  I have been using the gym a lot more which is okay I guess.  I'm lucky to have that at my disposal but that doesn't mean I enjoy it.  I miss running outside but lately the temperature has been lower than my limit.  Hoping for a little bit of a warm up out there soon.  Needless to say I don't think my training is going well at all.  Oh bother!

My running buddy and I are signing up (well I'M signed up) for a half marathon at the beginning of March.  Its the first half-marathon of the spring season in this area and a major goal to keep us training throughout the winter. J, get registered!!

My second announcement is a big one for me.  It's the Around The Bay Race at the end of March.   This one is monumentally important to me.  My father was a marathon runner back when we were kids and he has run this race probably more than a few times.  There aren't very many things that are renown to us Hamilton folks but this race attracts runners from all over the globe.
 From the website: 
Hamilton's Around the Bay Road Race is the oldest on the continent, first run in 1894, three years before the Boston Marathon. Rich in tradition, it has been won by the best from around the world, including Boston Marathon winners and Olympic gold medalists. 

Because it's old and  full of tradition they eventually had to start capping the registrations to 7000 people because it was becoming too big.  It is also known to be one of the most difficult routes in the area.  The end of March is usually cold and rainy.  The route is an extremely challenging 30km with lots of rolling hills.  I am not looking forward to it in one way because I'm afraid of the difficulty level.  I AM looking forward to it because I have wanted to run this for years but never felt I could pull it off.

So this will hopefully be a big marker for me.

 The next race is one I've done before.  Well it will be 4 years ago.  It's the Mississauga Marathon.  It was my first half marathon.  It was a fantastic race also that I actually really enjoyed.  It's a net downhill which means it's fast.  It also runs through a beautiful green belt and finishes along the shore of Lake Ontario.  I enjoy scenic and pretty races probably because I'm not that competitive. So I'll be running the half again this May 2011.

I will find other races after May to keep me busy.

Lastly and most important maybe - I am going to have a go at a marathon. This was a big decision for me to come to.  I have never been an overly great runner even though I have a lot of drive and ambition.  The past year of running has really helped me to see my potential and use that to my own advantage.

Wanting to run a full marathon has been a dream from the first race I ever ran.  I never ever thought I would be in a place where I could realistically make the decision.  I always thought my diabetes would hold me back.  I never thought I'd be healthy enough to take on such a commitment - until now.

It's kind of a big deal to me.  One that I desperately want to achieve.

So I haven't chosen my race yet but I'm aiming for September probably.  This summer I'll do a lot of half marathons to keep me pumped and excited and well trained.

Here we go, diabetes be damned!


  1. If one of the races are close to me I would love to cheer you on!! I'll keep my eye out for the location and date :)

  2. Damn girl, that's impressive! Good luck with your training, you'll be great!

  3. SO, we need to live closer to each other! I am registering for a 1/2 in April...and I so wanna get the balls to register for a whole!!! We would make a great team...I'd pelt you with sugar and you'd keep my spirits up!

    Good luck GIRL!!!!

  4. HAHA, you guys are GREAT!
    Nicole, that's so nice of you but certainly not expected! The races are in Burlington, Hamilton and Mississauga.

    and Reyna, holy crap that would be funny. Throw me Jelly Bellies at regular intervals and I'll try to be mildly entertaining.

  5. This is absolutely announcement-worthy stuff!
    Have a great race around the bay, and best wishes for your marathon.
    Please don't hesitate to ask me anything as you prepare. I've finished more than 50 marathons, and although I am hardly proficient at it, I've made just about every possible mistake.

  6. If you ever make it to the states, to the Boston area, please let me know! I'd love to meet you! And, if you are able to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I'd love to sponsor you!

  7. This is too funny. I just fell upon your blog today. I'm type 1, a runner, live in St. Catharines, and running Around the Bay for the first time this year, have done a few halfs and am thinking about a marathon. Oh, and I swear a lot too :)

    Glad to have found you in cyberspace and I'll see you at Copps in 6 weeks!


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