Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post Long Run Post

Written on Sunday

I just ran 24 km this afternoon.

I can't decide if I'm happy about it or not.

I set off from my destination with the 24km in my mind.  That was the goal anyway.  I ran a route I do a lot but that is not very long.  One 'lap' is 8km.  So I did it 3 times.  I really like this way of running because I have some freedom as far as what I can get away with while leaving stuff in the car.  It's also a great option when I'm not sure how it's all going to go down for training purposes.  I like being able to fill up my bottle when I pass by my car and not having to ration water.  For the first time in months I went without my tummitote.  As much as I love that piece of gear, it's nice sometimes to not be loaded up with so much stuff.

In total I was out for 2:38 hours.  An average pace of 6.58mins/km.  For me that's an okay long distance pace though I wish I could run faster.  When I'm out with the intention of running for over 2 hours, I really have to pace myself.  I think I run on the cautious side too much sometimes and I'm afraid to push myself.  My blood sugars behaved for the most part.  I did all the normal stuff.  -70% TBR, half oatmeal breakfast bolus.  I started out really high but by km 16 needed to down half a GU gel.  Even finished in nice range but I still set a new TBR of 140% for 5 hours after.  Sometimes with the long slower runs my BG behaves better, but it still goes up ridiculously high after. 

Anyway.  How was it?  Well, it was cold.  There was a serious frigid bite to the air that left me with very sore lungs after.  I am relatively conditioned to the cold weather since I've been running in it all winter long but today it really hurt.  I was also left with the most uncomfortable full body hiccups after.  That's the second time in the past little while.  They aren't the 'funny ha-ha' kind of hiccups.  They're the roof shaking 'I'm going to hiccup a lung' kind.  What else?  Well, very sore feets, achy toenails and pumped out legs.  On top of that my shoulders are really sore.  They get sore from being tense for that long I think.  All of these are long-distance ailments.  Also, I am still sitting here, hours later, under blankets and with the heat in the house right up STILL trying to warm up.  Those long cold runs are brutal on me.

Was there anything about running 24km to be happy about?  I guess getting the distance under my belt was empowering.  Even though the kms only go up from here yet.  I got a lot off my mind which I am grateful for.  I'm glad I did the distance but I sure feel like shit for doing it.  Which makes me really wonder why I do it.  Furthermore, these kind of distances are making it harder and harder to get out and do them because I know what's coming after.  It takes a huge amount of dedication to keep committing to 2+hour long runs as the mileage goes up.

Why?  Why run?
Maybe it's just my crummy mood. Yeah, a lot of it is my crummy mood.

Another thought for another post.


  1. Congrats on your 24k!! Amazing how far our bodies will take us eh? And I like your running pace too. Pretty damn close to mine. We're not fast but we'll get there.

  2. Wow!! You should be proud...very impressive!! Sorry it was cold though..that sucks!

  3. It is impressive to be out in the cold weather for that long! I would have wimped out and done part of it, if not all of it, inside on a treadmill. I think it is always fun and empowering to connquer new distances.

  4. In the spirit of crummy moods I'm using your post as motivation to do my workout today even though the cold rainy weather has me feeling like bleh. 24k is really impressive. If I had to choose between running 24k in the weather conditions you did and have another twin c-section...hmmm I just might be getting sliced open. lol Nice job!


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