Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Name the doo-dads?

What's in a name?

I am always so curious when the wide world of the diabetes online community names their cyborgy parts.  Cutesy pump and meter names.  If I were to link to all the blogs of PWD who's pump names are ringing through my head right now I'd be here forever!

I'm not against giving these contraptions pet names.  Not at all.  Perhaps a part of me is jealous that others have such firm relationships with their doo-dads enough to name them.  I can't imagine calling my insulin pump by anything other than "my insulin pump".  But giving them names and dressing them up is all part of the small bits of enjoyment we can actually get out of managing a disease that comes with so many accessories.  I am SO FUCKING grateful for being able to own a pump. (sorry for the big-ass swear word, you know what I mean).  However, I still have trouble looking at my meters and my insulin pump and thinking of them as anything but devices that piss me off.  Constant reminders.

How do you like my custom skin I just made online? HA
I know I tend to run on the "bitchy" side when it comes to this.  I have always had a hard time seeing it in any good light.  I get excited when I have good results or a workout goes exactly as planned.  I do achieve a huge sense of satisfaction.  But I still can't get cute and giddy with my gadgets and it bums me out.  I wonder if I had a better relationship with my tethered friends if I might have a better outlook.  If I could get excited about pulling out my meter with a purple and pink polka dots skin on it, maybe it would help.

Still though, how important are pet names for our devices in aiding user morale? Maybe I need to jump on that diabetes bandwagon.


  1. ....it is a testing kit..i have pens....and that is that. O.o I don't get naming things either. Or needing brightly coloured things or 'cool things' or whatever, its there to keep me alive. I want a kit that works and I can carry around as discreetly as possible. yeah its nice if it comes in a nice colour but i take what i'm given. i don't go looking. so basically, i don't get it either? but each to their own.

  2. I haven't named my gadgets. I don't see anything wrong with it. Some people name their cars. Some of us don't.
    I may call my Dexcom "Big Brother," because it's always watching. Not a cute name, but something to think about.
    When I got a new bike, people asked me her name, and I decided on Eve, but honestly, I never call her that.

  3. My devices are named because I need something to shriek at them when they piss me off. It's hard for me to scold something without a name. :) Then again, I name everything, cars, cell phones, laptops, kitchen utensils, etc.

  4. I was wondering this same thing recently! I think some people just do this sort of thing more often than others. I only have one nickname I use. My old chevy cavalier. That car was bought used 7 years ago and has never once given me a problem. Sure, she doesn't go fast or anything but, she is reliable-and for that I named her Ol'e Bessie. Other than that I don't use nicknames with any device nor do I have any names for anyone I know. Aw crap...I do call my husband Ali Baba (his name is Alejandro or as everyone calls him, Alex) just to be funny. Well shoot why don't I just go and name my meter now that I've failed at the whole point of my comment lol And crikey! I call my sister Ana, Ana Banana.....Ok so apparently I'm one of THEM

  5. Sugar used to name them...not so much anymore. Whatev...it's her diabetes, I guess.

    We call Dexcom "Dex". That's about as close as we get over here...which is all subject to change, you know :)


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