Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Runs Make it all Worthwhile

Some days runs are better than others. 
Yesterday was one of those days.

The pre-quel to my run started when I woke up.  I slept in ('cuz it was Sunday!) and upon wakening I had a splitting headache and a really lovely BG of 2.8 mmol/l (50 mg/dl).  A large part of me just wanted to finish treating the low with glucose liquid and a few spoonfuls of PB along with an Advil and head straight back to bed.  I wanted to crawl into darkness and pretend that I never woke up.  See lately I have felt like I might as well be living in a dark dingy cold hole.  I probably could have spent most of the day in bed wishing for the day to be over faster.  Fortunately for me, that's not something I can easily do.

So after rolling around on the couch shaking and sweating waiting for the glucose to take hold I realized coffee was the only thing that was going to get me back to normal.  I was planning on a long run today because it's been awhile.  It took me a good 3 hours of laying on my fat arse drinking coffee and doing bupkis to recover fully from the nasty hypo hangover.  With the headache now just a small throb and some oatmeal in my belly I set my TBR and got dressed into running gear.  All the while with that "UG" feeling in the back of my head like "do I really want to do this?"  The temptation to return to the couch for the remainder of the day was very strong.  But I persisted.  I shoveled the driveway and left for my destination.

I delayed getting out of the car still wondering why the fuck I was bothering.  Often times running with that kind of mindset is just a set-up for disappointment and a failed run in the end.  Sometimes you really need to be in the mood.  Never-the-less I ended up having one of the best runs in forever.  The temperature was a BALMY -5C compared to the usual -15C.  It was actually very very lovely outside.  Furthermore I felt like I was running in a dream!  You know where you can run forever and never really run out of breath?  I have dreams like that all the time.

I flew through my route faster then I would normally go which made me feel like superwoman.  It was really empowering.  My BG's held steady the entire time.  It's runs like this that motivate me to keep on going.  Because every once in a while a really good run will make all the effort feel worthwhile.  16kms almost felt like a breezy 5kms.

I'm glad I didn't wrap myself up in a blanket and wish the day to hell.


  1. I love workouts like that, they're better for motivation than anything else in the world!

  2. So glad it was a great workout for you Scully! I just registered for my April 1/2...I put it off until today! WOOT. I am hoping to run a marathon within the year. You are inspiring me.

  3. Breezy. HA HA HA HA're so flippin' awesome (how's THAT for my potty mouth! Edgy, eh?)

    -5C. Nice.

    I'd die.



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