Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 12 of 12

Okay.  I'm finally getting around to posting my 12 of 12 for February.  The pictures of which were taken all day on the 12th.  3 days ago now.

I missed last month due to some heavy  heavy stress and anxiety in my life.  I usually patiently await the 12th and know days in advance.  Last month, it was a good 4 days after before I realized I missed it.  I was pretty disappointed.  It may be small but it's something for me to focus on one day a month to try and have fun with.

For all the info on the 12 of 12 project you can find it on my first one in September below.  Along with links to my others.  Not that there's a whole lot to know, take 12 pictures on the 12th day of the month and post them on your blog. 

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Anyway, here goes for February 12 of 12 which happened to fall on a Saturday.

1.  Plant on the windowsill at 6:30am.  That's the streetlight in the background. 

2.  I love dread washing day.  It feels so tingly and fresh and smells good too!

3.  My dog is shedding constantly this winter.  This is only a weeks worth of fur collected near the kitchen stool.  It's been driving me crazy this winter.  And of course in the mix of all the dog hair I find a rogue test strip.  

4.  This is my road bike in the basement.  The past couple weeks I'm having mad desires to get out on it.  This time of the winter, in the middle, is when I have the hardest time.

5.  I paid a visit to my family.  This is my little nephew.  He's almost 3 months old.  I keep making fun of him because he looks like a really old man!

6.  Oh the JOY!  The other night I was at my friends' place and I brought some Smarties (see old rockets post for explanation)  And we we all agreed that M&M's are way better than Smarties.  But I had Smarties because they were on sale.  Needless to say before I went over again I picked up a big bag of M&M's.  As you can see, I couldn't wait to open them.  

7.  DON'T LAUGH!  I have some sort of spatial dyslexia and have an insanely difficult time with my Left and Right.  By insanely difficult I mean I don't know them.  I've pulled over 4 lanes of traffic to get in the opposite lane before when someone told me to turn somewhere.  So this is for me.  Those stickers have been on my dashboard for 5 years and have come in handy every time!
8.  Can you tell I spent some time waiting in my car for my friend?  this is picture number 3 in a row!  I guess it doesn't really need an explanation though.

9.  This was much later in the night but still in my car :P.  After my friend and I had coffee we waited for the others to get in touch.  I edited this picture a LEETLE!

10.  While my friend had some pizza I went to the store to buy some fruit.  How much of a total nerd does that make me?  This is my "snack" type of food.

11.  This Fortino's worker looked REALLY really bored.  

12.  These got a bit out of order but I don't feel like going through and re-numbering them!  This is at my parents house.  I guess this means "Don't turn off the switch".

Well that's it for now.  Tune in next month.


  1. LOVE your furrowed look!

    And the "L" and the "R" in the car - hilarious!

  2. I have L and R on my rearview mirror!!!!! Oh, and the tape over the lightswitch thing...totally do it here. I can't ever figure out which switch turns on which lights, so I have to keep the important ones under lock and key for my sanity :)


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