Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will Power Don't Fail Me Now!

I have a very generous friend.  One who supplies me with endless amounts of giant rockets, hand warmers (for cold weather meter functioning) and unimaginable quantities of single-serve peanut butter.  I don't ask, in fact a lot of the time I plead not to but alas, said friend never listens.  ;)

I come home from the gym last night after a 2.5hour workout including a really difficult spin class.  On my porch is a big box of "stuff".  Erm...  diabetes supplies of such.  I rolled my eyes in appreciation, if that's even possible.  The lengths this friend goes to is a bit far but that is not to say I don't appreciate the kindness.  I don't need to buy giant rockets for AGES now and my newly discovered emergency PB stash will now sustain an army of diabetics.  So I can't complain really. 

Except for one thing.........

Yes, that's right, a 1kg bar of chocolate. 
Now, I'm a woman right, and I LOOOOVE chocolate.  Right now I have to keep my "stash" up on the highest shelf in the pantry and at the back so that the only way I can reach it is by dragging a chair over.  I have a gigantic weakness.  If I could choose a way to die, as a diabetic it would be death by chocolate. So dear friend of mine, are you testing me? 

So here I am after a long workout staring at the biggest chocolate bar I've ever held in my own two hands that belonged to me.  Oh my god.  If it weren't for the fact that I wanted to write a blog post about it, I would've opened it last night.  I managed to hold off so I could take a picture.  In fact I'm TOTALLY afraid to open it for it would surely create havoc. 

So I'm going to try my best to not open it for as long as I can hold out.  I know once it's opened all logic and will power get flushed down the drain.  I know the carb content, that's not the problem.  The problem is the amount of it.  Besides, milk chocolate never does well with my BG's because of the high fat content.  I haven't worked the science out yet because then I would be able to justify eating it more.  I've intentionally not tried.  It's going on the top shelf in the pantry with the others. 

A 1kg bar of chocolate to a chocolate loving diabetic who lives alone just spells
D I S A S T E R ! ! ! 

The only logical way to deal with this is to invite all my chocolate loving friends over.  Anybody?!  Can't you see I need HELP!!?? 

Don't let the smile fool you, It's beyond my control.  I'm scared!


  1. Holy crap, that's a HUGE bar of chocolate and I love the pic!! I can resist the giant ones, it's the mini ones that get me. :)

  2. I'll be right over! I wish...
    I really miss real Cadbury - and real KitKats.
    Friends here, who visit Canada, always have to bring back Smarties for me.
    Put it in the freezer, it's harder to eat at one time that way.

  3. Oh my god, that's huge.

    ("that's what she said!" sorry)

    I would have no will power with that. I have none with chocolate anyway. Is it American made/Canadian made Cadburys?

    Where I grew up, I lived a literal 5 min car journey from the original Bourneville factory - you can see the factory from the top of the road my mum lives on!

  4. OGM! Nom nom nom! Same as meanderings above, "I'll be right over! I wish..." :D

    Have you ever tried whittaker's chocolate? It tastes so good compared to Cadbury, IMO. Plus it's made in New Zealand!(

  5. I'll be over too. I'll eat some and then stash some for pre-hockey game "boosters" for Joe!

    P.S. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE your pic! You are adorable!

  6. WOW! I'm coming over too! Yum that looks fantastic. Great pictures by the way. I love dairymilk chocolate bars. mmm
    I'd have to invite all my friends over for a chocolate eating party otherwise the willpower would be limited and the blood sugars would be raging. Best of luck.

  7. I am totally on my way to help you with that!! Dairy Milk bars are my favorite - I got one in my Christmas stocking. It wasn't that big though, and now I'm a little disappointed!! LOL

  8. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN!!!! That looks mighty fantastic :) When's the party?

    I love that super cute pic, btw. It's awesome!


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