Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peanut Butter SAVES

This is the post where I express my deepest feelings about peanut butter.  My apologies to those out there with peanut allergies or living with someone with peanut butter allergies. 

Peanut butter or PB for short is the staple in my diet.  It is the foundation of the sum of all my parts.  PB not only sustains me but has been my food savior.  When I was quite ill and struggling to keep my weight on PB was my saving grace.  So full of protein, fat and a touch of sweet carbs.  It's always been here for me.

I'm not talking about some sort of au naturel stiff sticky refrigerated garbage, oh no.  I'm talking about Kraft Smooth.  The comforting green label and teddy bear.  I tried to switch to the natural stuff but it never quite hit the spot.  The texture and flavour were wrong.  My PB should melt in my mouth and my oatmeal.  I don't want to pull a muscle trying to stir the oil in all the while making a HUGE oily mess on my counter.  That happens without fail every-single-time.  So I tried, I gave it a chance but nothing quite fills the void like my Kraft Smooth. When I was growing up I remember this PB coming in a big container shaped like a teddy bear.  How can you possibly not love a PB filled teddy!?

It's not just about how much I LOVE PB either.  I eat it straight off the spoon because that's the only way to enjoy it in my mind.  Lately I've gotten into the habit of combining a low fix with a sustaining protein fix.  Most of us diabetics already know the old post hypo PB fix.  After a hypo, PB on crackers is one of the best ways to sustain blood sugars.  So lately when I have lows at home I take a spoonful of PB and pour some honey on it.  Best of both worlds!!!  like a 2-in-1.  Convenience ++!!

The other night I was out at a coffee shop with two friends.  I had gone for a long demanding run that morning.  My blood sugars were doing the dance around my low threshold.  They would dip down, demand some rockets and before long they were back down again.  This went on for about 2 hours that we were at the coffee shop.  It was many many hours after the exercise and I wasn't comfortable with setting a low TBR.  I hadn't eaten anything more than a banana and an orange after the run and for the rest of the day so it was my own stupid fault.  It took me awhile but while we were sitting there I couldn't help but wonder "what the *F* does my body need?"  Clearly I wasn't in the sharpest of mindsets.  It finally came to me like a snap of the finger.  I needed peanut butter.  Until I put something with staying power in my body it was going to continue to dance around the low threshold.  I was so sick to my stomach from the sugar consumption over the past couple hours and to be honest I could NOT fathom anymore sugar.  I could NOT eat anymore sugar!!!!

So I came forth to my friends and admitted my "emergency".  Yes, I needed emergency peanut butter.  They laughed at first, as did I hearing the request come out of my mouth.  Off to a 24-hour grocery store we went and the glorious peanut butter was all mine.  We sat in my car while I sucked it back.  I'm glad I keep a box of plastic spoons in my glove box.  I felt a million times better and not so "empty" and unsure of what I needed anymore.  

Peanut butter saves!

Needless to say, PB is now going to be a staple back-up in my bag of blood sugar fixes.  It will be right there next to the container of giant rockets. 


  1. Oh, that is brilliant, I never knew PB came in those little single serving size packets. I must get some!!

  2. Fiona, Someone bought me a big box of single-serving PB's. I don't know where he got it, probably some wholesale place. Now that I have a use for them, I'll be sure to look into getting them again.

  3. I don't think we have those little single serving packets in the US, at least I've never seen them. Anyway, I was a big fan of PB until my kid became deathly allergic to it. This post was fun though, it's like..."an ode to peanut butter"

    I used to totally eat it plain off a spoon, too!
    Now I eat almond butter plain off a spoon lol

  4. I've heard about using PB as a post-hypo snack but have never tried've inspired me, I'm going to buy some in my next food shop!

  5. I always forget about how much I love peanut butter, and then I'll have a PB and honey sammich every few months and fall in love all over again.

    This post makes me wanna go home and spread peanut butter on something! And eat it!

  6. Fantastic! I love the idea of single serves, but I've never seen them here in NZ. Must also admit that I'm a recent convert to the peanutbutter-on-spoon, although I am a crunchy girl myself!

  7. Hey Scully ...
    You should try the REAL Teddie Peanut Butter ... been around since 1925 .... just outside of boston ... :D

  8. I share your same thoughts. I love peanut butter, although I'm partial to crunch organic goodness. I also eat it right from the spoon, twice a day. It is wonderful.


    I, personally, believe it needs to be in a food group all it's own.

  10. oh my gosh I nodded to every bit of your post.... I love peanut butter, and have really really tried to convert to the natural, healthy stuff. It's just not the same. Kraft smooth is incredible. I actually have a spoonful of it at before bed to avoid a middle of the night low. Works like a charm.
    I like the honey idea though ..
    and one cadbury square DIPPED in that smooth PB. mmm.


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