Friday, January 14, 2011

"Low" and Behold


Right now I am experiencing a mega serious hypo.  I've always wanted to vlog a hypo in the midst of its grips but since re-formatting my hard drive I no longer have webcam software.  The main reason why I haven't done that as of yet is because of fear that the world might call me masochistic.  Why would anybody want to broadcast a hypoglycemic episode?  Well because we write and talk about it so much.  I think that SEEING a hypo from the outside point of view would lead to a larger understanding that you would never know.  Even from one diabetic to another.

I won't ask you to forgive my psycho-babble here because writing while low was the point of this post.  I'll tell you that spell check is going to get a serious run for it's money when I'm done writing.  I've got all the symptoms and they came on like a fucking freight train.  Within minutes I was hyperventilating, sweating, droopy tired eyes and I could barely make it to my meter.  The world started closing in on my vision.

I am having one of the worst lows one can have.  I mean timing wise for me.  I bolused for a meal only an  hour ago.  I finished 30 minutes ago.  I did not over bolus because this is soup I eat all the time and know well what the carb count is.  1 hour after bolusing my BG is at 2.4 mmol/l (43 mg/dl).  That means that it's probably going to continue to crash for the next few hours.  The part that makes me want to cry is that I JUST ate.  If you've read much of my blog at all you'll know that eating is hard for me.  I fill up quickly and often feel nauseous.  So only 30 minutes post meal even a kids size juice box is difficult.  So I've squeezed a juice box in there as well as a dex4 liquid glucose.  It's the why that's got me so confused.  Why now? I haven't done anything different.

Fucking Diabetes.
I think I need to replace the mega expired glucagon kit.

My apologies for not updating the post.  I've never really thought of going back to the post.  Yes, I was fine after monitoring it for 3 hours.  It still got low but I managed.       Thank you for the kind thoughts.


  1. Hope it's up soon and you feel better. Do you have anyone you can call?

  2. Crumbs! I hate low like that. Are you ok now?

  3. Scully...I hope you feel better soon. I hate watching Joe endure lows like what you are currently experiencing. (((HUGS)))

  4. Yeah I crashed a few more times for a couple hours but nothing too dangerous.

    I do have people I can call.

    I still need to update my glucagon. Y'never know when I might need to use it on myself even.

  5. WHEW! This made me CRY! I can't stand it!!!!

    Please update to let us know all is well.


  6. My heart just drops every time I watch a video blog or read a detailed description of a low.

    Also my t1 mommy instincts kick in and I just want to be there for's a funny feeling wanting to mother another person close to the same age as me!! Oh and keeping within the t1 mommy instincts I'm kinda upset with you that you did not update us that you were OK :) I see that you replied to a comment and I'm glad to see your everything was OK


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