Monday, January 31, 2011


In an effort to try and mimic my pancreas as much as possible I have taken matters into my own hands.  I have to do all the thinking for my stupid useless organ. With the duration, intensity and frequency of my exercising I am really trying to get it down to a science.  It IS a science after all.  Figuring out the finite details of blood sugar management with exercise thrown in is fucking difficult.  It's a lifetimes worth of trial and error.  I'm trying really hard.

However, one day I will figure it out and life will never be the same again.  I will learn with each and every thing I do how to be the perfect most well-behaved pancreas that my own pancreas will never be.  Ha, yeah right! 

People of the world, I am my pancreas!

These next ranty bits will probably seem like a scientific pile of shit full of numbers and garbage but trust me - I've got something going on here.  This is more for my own understanding than anything else.

I have been fighting with post workout highs for a long time now.  Previously I would just suffer through them.  I would take a correction bolus, not eat carbs and curse.  Well lately I'm coming to terms with the fact that this is not okay anymore.  I don't want to suffer, I want to manage.

For this experiment I am going to use my stair workout as an example.  It's very high intensity and my BG's often behave the same every single time.  I normally exercise in the evenings.  I usually eat lunch at 1:30/2:00pm.  This is when the planning starts.   I take a little less insulin for lunch, maybe 3/4 of it.  If I don't take less for lunch then I need to eat some sort of carby snack later in the afternoon.  At 5:00pm I test my blood and take into account the number and add the 1 hour of insulin still in my system.  It's usually a little high and that's to be assumed as I've taken less insulin for lunch.  I can tell by this point if I need to supplement with extra sugar.  I start my TBR (temp basal rate) for 25% at 5:00.  I start the stairs at about 6:30.  My blood at this point is hopefully a little high.  Sometimes I still eat a few candies.  The stairs take me 70 minutes.  I test at rep 5 and can determine where I will finish thanks to my stair experiment I did.  That lesson has helped me out in a MAJOR way!!  At the 50 minute mark (3 reps to go) I turn off my 25% TBR and immediately set a new TBR for 150% for 4 hours even if my BG is low at this point.  Sometimes I bolus a unit after the workout just to bridge the gap between post workout and the 150% TBR kicking in.  It's hard to do this when my BG's are lower than ideal but I have learned time and time again that they will inevitably go up.  Post stairs I try not to eat anything carby for the next couple hours (or the whole evening if I can swing it, cravings often get the better of me though).  Since I began ramping up my TBR post work-out it usually allows me to have a little carbs.  By 11:00pm/12:00am I set yet another TBR at 85% for 6 hours.  If I don't lower my basal during the night I will continuously crash.


1:30/2:00pm eat lunch bolus 85%
5:00pm set TBR for 25%
6:30pm start workout
7:20pm turn off 25% TBR
              set TBR at 150% for 4 hours
7:40pm end workout

11:00pm/12:00am set TBR at 85% for 6 hours

This routine is not set in stone (yet, or ever probably).  It is in the preliminary stages but so far this is proving to work wonders.  So far, this is the only way I have discovered to get my BG's to behave somewhere in the middle road while still maintaining my high level of activity.  I have applied this to my running as well but haven't got that down solid quite yet.  I also have yet to figure out my morning weekend runs - that's a whole other ball game!

This is how it works for me.  This is how I work for my defunked organ.  I couldn't give up my exercise for anything so I had to figure something out.  It seems REALLY complicated - I know.  That's because it is to the normal non diabetic person.  For other D's this might make more sense.  It's my best attempt yet at being a pancreatic brain.  I fear having to cut out my exercise if I don't get this figured out.  Eventually the exercise will be worse for my diabetes health than good.


  1. Interesting use of the increased TBR. I always feel like I'm breaking the law somehow, but I will start exercise in the 60s without batting an eyelash because I know I'll crest up over 140+ by the time I'm done and if I start higher, well, I end higher. Totally contrary to the rule book but hey, if it works, do it!!!

  2. GOD I LOVE YOU! I feel your pain...I go through so much of what you are discussing in managing Joe's numbers during hockey...sometimes that little bugger goes "rogue" and plays and ice skates on a moments notice! He continually comes in high after skating (after dinner)...but goes low during skating - UGH. I may figure it out someday soon I hope...and then it will all change.

    Keep up the great work Scully!

  3. What a great example to show those without diabetes just how tricky it is to be your own pancreas!!! Awesome work figuring out your basal rate formula. You rock!!

  4. I've taken breaks from exercise because of this! GGRGHHH it's something that should never happen! I mean it's so unfair to even have to consider not exercising just for blood sugars. I hope you finish figuring things out soon-great job on the major progress. You work so hard at balancing tons of activity with blood sugar management, you deserve to win at it.


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