Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ghetto Igloo

What does a bored, anxious, snow-loving girl do with too much time and a good decent snowfall?


Build a Quinzee of course.  Or as I've always called it a Ghetto Igloo.  Quinzees (or Quinzhee) are like igloos except that they're temporary and made out of snow instead of ice.  This bad boy could VERY comfortably sleep 2.  Its quite roomy.  I contemplated sleeping in it for the night.  It's not like anybody would know I was in there but that damn logic made me think otherwise since I live alone.

This took me nearly ALL day to make.  After shoveling out my driveway I glanced at the lawn and realized I had nothing else to do all day.  Why not?  The piling of snow took me a good solid 2 hours.  I was running out of it also and was eventually hauling it over from far away.  When it was all said and done including the time I let it settle it probably took me about 6-7 hours.

The view from the inside

It came at a price though.  I only had one hypo and that's when I was just putting the finishing touches on it.  I could barely feel the low and until I got in the house and tested I had no idea it was at 2.1 mmol/l  (38 mg/dl).  I had set a TBR for the driveway work but mindlessly built the ghetto igloo without extending my TBR.  I then went to spin class.  My BG's held steady until early this morning when they finally rebelled.  I was expecting it though so I was prepared.

The other thing is that I can BARELY MOVE MY ENTIRE BODY FROM THE WAIST UP!!  Even my thumbs hurt from grasping the shovel.  My back is so sore that breathing hurts bad.  I could start rhyming off every darn muscle in my upper body.  I feel like a really old fart.  Playing in the snow has rendered me totally useless for today.  The only thing that feels no pain is my legs because I do so much to keep them in the game.  When I rolled out of bed this morning greeted by the massive low I winced and moaned like an injured animal.  Then of course when I realized what was going on and I swore out loud.

It was amusing though.  A whole ton of work for just one person.

This was later after I treated my low and relaxed for a bit inside


  1. Awesome snow igloo! I usually just cuss at mine! :)

  2. love igloo's. My sister, my father and myself used to make them every winter at least twice,my father would do most the word. great job!!

  3. OK...can you come to VERMONT and play? I make these all the time with my kids. We got about 9 inches yesterday. It took me over 2 hours to shovel the driveway and rink - UGH. I am a bit sore. I have to go do a Core Workout right now AND I am dreading it.

  4. Almost makes me want to go out and build one here. Almost... It's too cold.
    Your snow igloo is great looking!

  5. WOW!!!! I want an igloo!!!! fun!!!!! Great job :) Now ship it AZ!

  6. OMG...I live in Virginia inside a valley where we don't get a lot of snow (schools close after half an inch!) and so I've never seen one of these...I am in husband would LOVE this lol, I'm going to show him the pics when he gets home! Looks like a great work out too


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