Monday, December 13, 2010

Where did I get the driven genes from?

Run Lola Run is one of my all-time favourite movies EVAH!!

So I was running on Saturday....  Okay now I think I'm doing this solely to entertain myself.

My perseverance and dedication astound me.  Who gave me the driven to succeed genes?  Saturday, for all intents and purposes, was my birthday.  I was trying my hardest to hide from it this year.  I am only saying it because it goes hand in hand with the run and the reason why I did it.  So I am still hiding from it, don't get me wrong.  I'm not safe and out of the thick for a couple days yet.

I make bad decisions sometimes.  I know.  Especially when it's centered around exercising.  Leading up to Saturday was like this:  I wasn't feeling well all day Friday (after Thursday nights failed run) and managed to consume precisely 1.5 bananas since Thursday afternoon.  I know because there was still half a banana rotting away on my kitchen counter Saturday morning.  It was my fault, to a certain degree.  I wasn't feeling well and when I don't feel well I have trouble eating.  I knew come Saturday morning if I wanted to run I was going to have to fuel up somehow.  Well Friday night I got barely any sleep.  I couldn't sleep, I tried.  My stomach was aching all night because I was hungry.  I was beyond hungry which makes it difficult to eat anything even small.  I know the best thing for me when I feel that way is sleep.  Alas, sleep just wasn't coming.

Saturday morning and I'm worse for wear.  Some coffee and another banana got me to semi-functioning levels.  BG's all the while were fairly cooperative.  I waited 'till the afternoon and went for my run.  I ran, 21km.  Pretty much a half marathon, on my own, on my birthday.  I was feeling pretty awful at km7.  Should I have stopped?  Hell yeah I should have.  Did I? Nope.  Why?  Because I'm stubborn.  My route takes me 8km out and 8km back.  Then I added another 2.5km in the other direction and back totaling 21km.

I didn't do it for anybody, I wasn't competing against anybody.  I wasn't doing it to gloat.  I did it because it was my birthday and that's my idea of a personal accomplishment on my birthday.  Just me, my music and my running shoes.  I couldn't imagine a better way of spending the day.

Though it didn't come without it's consequences.  For the rest of the day I was feeling pretty dizzy.  I was dehydrated, malnourished and so knackered on absolutely no sleep.  I recovered Sunday and feel like new again Monday morning.  I must have done something right at least.

Diabetes-wise, I still had problems with my meter on the run.  It was only 1 or 2 degrees outside which in my experience is not nearly cold enough to render my meter useless.  I didn't get the thermometer logo indicating that.  I did, however, take a page out of Reyna's cold weather tips and when I got the Er3 I shoved the meter AND a strip into my glove.  A couple kilometers later it worked FINE!  Lesson learned, thanks Reyna!!  My BG didn't drop low at all for over 2 hours.  Another thing diabetes wise that REALLY confused the hell out of me, I never once after the run had to set a lower temp basal (??!??).  Yeah wtf right?  My blood sugars STILL ran high after running 21 km for a few hours.  I took normal insulin for dinner even dosed extra for a bit of birthday cake (the best damn decadent dark chocolate peanut butter icing gluten free cake I've EVER had, thanks mum!!!).  Into the night and overnight no drop in BG's.  Woke up a touch low and stayed in range all day Sunday.  I don't get it!  I didn't have to make any special treatment.

Holy this has been a long rambling post.  Time to finish it.  I will post my 12 of 12 tomorrow.  I didn't get a chance to upload all the pictures.


  1. Run Lola Run is also a favourite of my husband's ... I haven't yet watched it, although he's been trying to get me to for 5 years now. Someday :-)
    Happy belated birthday!!!

  2. My God you are hardcore.....On my birthday I'm like....the opposite...ya know, like, "Somebody gimmee some tequila and the tv set, it's my day to just sit here!" lol And yet I never feel like I've "done" anything to really mark the day. I'm very impressed with you. And inspired. Mabye my next bday will be spent with a grand note of accomplishment...I'm gonna start planning it now, 6 months away, THANKS! OH and happy birthday!!!!

  3. Happy Late B-DAY Scully!!! You and I are two peas in a pod. I would be down with your plan of a great birthday. AND, yeah on some of the cold weather tips working!!! Glad your numbers cooperated, but you are right WTF? That is the frustrating part of "d" doesn't always play by the previous rules that "IT" set as fair game-play.

  4. Happy birthday Scully! Look at you go! Most people (me) would have been super lazy and chowed down on something special and been content, but you were able to sneak in a huge run (congrats) and some bday cake. Way to go!

    As for the reason your bg's ran high after working out even if all the other factors were's bec when we exercise sometimes our livers (us diabetics) pump out glucagon to get us thru the workout. The problem we face when this happens is that then our livers don't know when to stop pumping out glucagon bec our pancreas' don't work. It's a messed up system, but that's the way it was described to me.

    damn diabetes!

  5. We obviously have different views of how to celebrate a birthday. I should pay more attention to people like you!
    Happy Birthday


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