Monday, December 27, 2010

Nasty BG's and Nasty Cold Run

Christmas has come and gone but my blood sugars are still none too pleased.  I've been having a few of those days where I am running drastically and dangerously high all day and all night.  I know why - it's my female cycle.  The problem with the timing, well that's something totally not within my control.  I have been trying to stay calm Christmas eve and Christmas day.  Just keep piling insane dose on top of insane dose.  Running my basals at 150% and above.  Going through reservoirs 3 times faster than normal.  Sadly, blood sugars in the high teens for hours upon hours just tend to leave me feeling grumpy despite the holiday.

So there you have it, I love Christmas and spending time with my family.  My blood sugars are usually really easy to manage.  In fact I often have a number of lows at Christmas just from all the excitement.  However, this Christmas came with my pre-monthly fucking BG bitch.  It was just bad timing all around.  Still is bad timing.  its been 4 days of blood sugars in the teens.  I can't remember the last time I got it under 10.  Oh wait...  Yesterday running in the absolute fucking freezing cold for 16 km.

Boxing day is a day where I stay FAR FAR away from anything resembling a store.  I'd rather kill myself than have to deal with mad crowds.  I just can't handle crowds.  So I went out for a nice long run.  I have known for years that I have a temperature limit.  I don't normally go out if it's going to be below -10C.  But I had plans with my friend as well as a deep need to get my levels down, at least for a couple hours.  We started running down the trail.  It was right on the lake and the waves were INSANE!  Lake Ontario is normally flat and boring.  It's a lake after all.  But yesterday there were crazy waves crashing into shore.  We ran and ran and at one point my friend turned to me and said "I wonder when we're going to hit the wind."  He turned back at 6.. something kms and I continued to the 8k turn-around.  Well, 5 mins into the way back I found the wind.  It was coming in at a 2 o'clock angle at my face and hard.  That's why we couldn't find it, it was at our backs the whole way out.

I don't know how hard the wind was blowing or what the temperature was.  I heard -15C with the windchill but I wouldn't be surprised if it was way more windy down at the lake.  Everybody I passed on the recreation trail that was out for a walk were dressed up like Kenny from South Park.  I was starting to feel insanely under dressed.  Well I was suffering big time and alone.  The last 4 km were HELL.  My head was buried in the little collar of my jacket, my feet were actually shuffling and I was dragging them one in front of the other and moving at a snails pace.  I tried to run faster to warm up and get back to my car but it was physically impossible.  My legs and butt were completely frozen.  It was beyond the stage where you feel that icy 'heat'.  They were numb.  I was having trouble just moving my muscles.  I wanted to cry.  The water in my bottle had frozen the lid shut.  I couldn't stop dragging my feet.  If I slowed down to walk I'd be in a worse situation.  My face was wind burnt, red and totally numb.  I had stopped sweating at my turn around point because I just couldn't compete with the wind.

I had managed to get my blood sugar all the way down to 6.0 mmol/l for the first time in 3 days.  Though it didn't last long, even though I had a TBR set for 140% after the run for 5 hours. 

It's impossible to fight against the hormonal female cycle.  The only thing I have to look forward to is knowing that these stratospheric blood sugars won't last much longer. 

Moral of the story?  Know my temperature limits and run within them.  That's what the weather network is for after all right?  Or else choose a route that is sheltered, not one right on the edge of a huge lake.


  1. My husband started calling my time of the month "Shark Week" - nice huh? I was laughing hysterically when he said it...but don't know how to graciously work that one into a blog post - LOL.

    Bummer on the BGs...hang in there.

    And on the you use yaktrax or anything to help with traction in snowy weather? I just got a pair for Christmas and man if I don't feel like I went from Balogne Skins to a 4 Wheel Drive...they are fantastic. I feel for you on the run. I hate the ones where you get a little more pain than you bargained for.

  2. Running excluded I know how you feel! Timing sucks but hopefully levels will retun to normal for us both soon :)

  3. female hormones suck...they really do. Mine coincided with the holidays too and i've been using tons of extra insulin! It's all been making me just say Bah! Humbug! The only thing that works for me during that time of the month is to not eat much. This holiday season I want to enjoy my food so now I'm paying the price. Totally not fair. Now about your frozen running. I'm like whaa..howw..does..she...huh? I'm once again impressed. I hope your blood sugars level out soon.

  4. I'm not a runner but just reading this made me shiver.


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