Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Assistance Please?

My infusion set was giving me grief during the morning at work. It started earlier actually, I knew that morning when I woke up that the set may have bit the dust as I was correcting multiple times during the night.  I was in such a rush to get out of the house I forgot to grab a new one.  I was in a rush because I was trying to get to the lab for my blood work before the cue turned into a zoo.  I was late but I got number 16, still better than 10 minutes later when the folks were grabbing number 30! 

At lunch I zipped home to snatch up a new infusion set and then zipped back to work.  You always think you've seen everything, experienced it all.  How many of these things do I put in on a regular basis never running into a problem.  Yeah, Murphy is out to get me lately.  So here I am in the bathroom rushing through a site change at the end of my lunch hour.  My site of choice?  the back of my upper arm.  Good choice? Usually yeah, fantastic, no problems.  Right, it only figures.  The adhesive somehow got snagged in the inserter between the two moving parts.  It was STUCK!  I've got one hand to try and get the adhesive out from between the two pieces of plastic all the while trying not to rip the set out since it was the only one I had.   Not to mention it's adhesive.. its not just stuck between the two pieces of plastic, it's practically FUSED!  The more shitty part?  I work with a bunch of men and here I am in the bathroom with my sweater half off and one usable hand.  If there were a lady on board I would have just asked for help. It wasn't very comical at the time because I really didn't want to go back home for another set.  Well, with my super dexterous single-handed prowess, I escaped safely and continued to flawlessly infuse that precious insulin.

Hooray for me!  Now, how long do you think this will last for?

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  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Don't mean to laugh....but....sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry. Thank goodness you made it through the day!!!!!

    Sorry I've been MIA. Trying to catch up on some reading today :)


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