Thursday, December 23, 2010

A good ending to a "Whoops"

I've admitted that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I mean sometimes I totally fuck up.  And sometimes I rise in a state of emergency.  Last night was spin class.  I usually get to the gym an hour and a half before class and do my bland routine of weights and exercises before hitting the treadmill on a moderate incline for almost an hour. 

Spin class is at 6 and my temp basal should be up and running at 4:30.  Not last night.  I was trotting away on the treadmill when I looked at the clock.  I had about 30 minutes to finish up and get ready for spin. At that exact moment the word "SHIT" came out of my mouth before I even noticed!  You know one of THOSE moments.  I forgot to set my TBR at 4:30!  A quick check on my meter had me at 4.7 mmol/l (85 mg/dl).  Ah man!!  I was almost certain at this point I would have to call it quits. 

Here's what I did.  I immediately turned my TBR down to 0%.  I went to my locker grabbed a box of raisins out of my bag (the big box).  Totalling about 30g carbs and inhaled them.  I meandered to my bike slowly getting ready and being aware I might be leaving.  About 15 minutes later (and 5 minutes to class start) my BG was now down to 4.0 mmol/l (72 mg/dl).  I didn't know if the raisins would kick in fast enough and there is literally no warming up at the start of spin class.  I ran back to my locker and hoovered down 2 packages of rockets, chugged a whackload of water and went back to my bike.

It WORKED!  I took it easy for the first 5-10 minutes and a BG check proved it was coming up.  At that point I went into full spin'n'sweat mode with confidence.  My BG's rose steadily through class and I finished with a 7.2 mmol/l (130 mg/dl).  My TBR of 0% was set to go back to normal half-way through class.  I rode the evening out fine and dandy.

SO....  I found another way to manage an emergency situation.  Well it wasn't really an emergency but for someone who loves spin class as much as me - I'd say it was a tight situation!

As well, it's another method I can use in the future if I don't have enough time to prepare.  The wolfing down food pre-workout kind of sucks but this time it was because I was on the edge of hypo-ing from the exercise I had already been doing for an hour.


  1. Sounds like you handled it extremely WELL! I have never tried spinning...sounds like fun. Sounds better than freezing my ass off as I warm up during my runs in 18 degree weather!

  2. Love that you managed on the fly and didn't let the "D" keep you from your spinning!!

  3. Wow.

    You amaze me, woman!

    I need some of your energy to get rid of some of this extra "fluff" :)



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