Friday, December 10, 2010

Even when you do everything right, expect the unexpected.

So I was running last night..... 
no I always start like that. Oh but it's true!

When things can go wrong, they will.  Be prepared, don't be an idiot like me.

All the usuals.  Less insulin for lunch, temp basal almost 2 hours ahead at 25%.  Before I left the house my blood sugar was still on the low side for a run.  I had a couple fistfuls of M&M's as well as a box of raisins.  Surely more than enough!  My route takes me to the stairs (the same stairs I train on).  I go down the stairs and slowly run uphill all the way back to the top at the other end of the escarpment and then back along the top.  Within 10 minutes of running by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I wasn't feeling overly well.  This may be TMI but that hasn't stopped me before from writing about it.  I had some serious abdominal discomfort primarily centered around the bowels.  This happens from time to time and I can usually just run it off and it passes.  Not this time.  Within 15 minutes after the bottom of the stairs I knew something was wrong.  I couldn't run anymore.  Every time I tried to pick it up my stomach and bowels twisted and turned and I felt horrible.  I decided to take the shortcut back.  I reached for my phone just in case.  I was going to send a text message and let someone know I might be needing some assistance.  Alas, no phone.  What the hell?  All I found was an unzipped pocket in the back of my jacket.  Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.  That's what I was thinking anyway.  I was 99% certain I put my phone in that pocket and I did not leave it on the kitchen counter. 

I couldn't take the shortcut home because now I have to backtrack my every step with my eyes glued to the ground.  Its getting darker by the minute and I'm trying to spot a black phone along a dark unlit trail with trees on either side and a path covered in leaves and sticks and stuff.  Oh and don't forget I am now not feeling well and can't run because it makes me feel worse.  It's safe to say that what took me 20 minutes to run is probably going to take me 40 minutes to walk.  Oh yeah, and its around -8C. 

What else could go wrong?  Well my blood sugar dropped to hovering around "crash" but thankfully it never crashed.  Had I continued to run on that?  It wouldn't have been pretty either.  My worst fears came true.  Here I am, no way to get in touch with anybody, no way I can run.  It's bloody cold outside and I have to walk all the way back home.  I was not comfortable at all.  By the time I was almost home I had lost hope in finding my phone.  I started going over in my head if I could afford a new phone and all the stuff I would loose off my old one.  Everything gone.  I don't own a land line so my mobile phone is my only contact number.  However, I found my phone, can you guess where?  Not on the kitchen counter, not in the house at all.  I was right, I DID remember putting the phone in my pocket.  I found it on the road right outside my next door neighbours house.  25 feet from my front door.  I was very happy to see it.

I was quite frozen when I got home.  It took a LONG time to warm up and I am still feeling icky now - the morning after.  Sometimes you can do everything right, prepare what you know to work time and time again but sometimes the unexpected gets ya.  I couldn't eat after because I felt ill not to mention I only got 1/3 of my run that I was preparing for so I fought awful nasty sickly highs until 2 am.

Lesson learned? zip up that damned pocket girl!  Because that which could have been prevented was my own doing.  The rest of what went wrong I couldn't help.


  1. First off...the "Fuck" succession - quite nice. I don't think I have seen that many in a row on a blog...or good hell, even that many in one blog post.

    Bummer on the pocket. Are you sure we aren't somehow related? Your adventures sound so "me" it isn't even funny. Glad you made it home and all. I was just outside hosing down my ice is 2 degrees here today. UGH.

  2. Brrr, just reading this made me cold.
    Glad you found your phone!

  3. So glad you made it home safe! naughty phone for jumping out of ur pocket! I get the "discomfort" too sometimes, my doc says it's the body just kicking the digestive system into overdrive to try and get some extra sugar. Then later when I get really low, the brain says heck no,don't needa waste energy on digestion! I will turn that whole section off! (this saves energy for the brain, cos it's greedy!)

  4. ACK!!!!

    I almost cried reading that...I can't imagine you out there in the cold trying to get home. I wanted to swoop in and save you!!!!

    You're awesome, my friend. I'm so glad everything turned out okay and I hope you're feeling superfab by the time you read this comment!


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