Friday, December 17, 2010

Delivering My Goods

In combination with yesterday's post about my renewed faith in Medtronic I didn't want to taint it with a complaint.  So I separated it into the "complain about Medtronic" post.  *wink*  It won't be long, more food for thought than anything else.  Now that I'm back up and running with my CGM for the first time in many months, this can at least make me laugh.

Dear FedEx/Medtronic;

I don't know who to point my finger at.  Medtronic for not shipping my goods in need of a signature, or FedEx for delivering my goods and just not bothering with the signature.  I think it is Medtronic who deserves the finger wag here.  *wag*wag*wag*

So first you leave a box of CGM sensors and my very first transmitter on the stoop outside my office door.  In the dead heat of summer in direct sunlight.  Sensors are temperature sensitive.  Too hot and they are rendered useless.  Not to mention this was a package with a worth of $1200 just left OUTSIDE on a busy public street in the sun.

You always leave hundreds of dollars worth of pump supplies on my door step when I order them.

You even left a replacement insulin pump worth thousands of dollars leaned up against my door for who knows how long that day. 

BUT........  A single transmitter charger that is worthless to anybody but me and for all intents and purposes was free.  That, you left me the nifty little "this package needs signing" jobbie on my mailbox and made me wait.

I had to wait 2 weeks since I recieved my new transmitter in the mail because the daft company didn't send me a charger with it.  And now, this useless piece of plastic that is suddenly SOOooo important needs my precious signature.

Bite me.

Have a good weekend.  :)

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  1. BUMMER! Glad to hear you are up and running. Hey, did you change the background over here? I like it!


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