Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 12 of 12

To view the info, go see the 12 of 12's for the other months, archives are on the side bar over there.  I'm getting so lazy. 

Well this month, it's a Sunday.  And I didn't do much except work at home.  It was hard to find 12 different things to take a picture of!

1.  It was calling for some good old fashioned snow here all week.  Especially Saturday night.  Well now it's Sunday morning and its POURING out there.  How lame.

2.  Is it wrong that I buy fresh flowers for myself?  They always make the house look so pretty.

3.  Fridge poetry.  Nobody said it had to make sense!

4.  Work.  Blah.

5.  I am a LOVER of snow.  Snow snow snow snow!!!  and here we have nasty boring rain when we were supposed to get snow.

6.  I got this card from my sister and brother in-law for my birthday.  It is SO TRUE! 

7.  Got this from my mum for my birthday.  I love greenery in the house.  She chose 7 bamboo stalks because it symbolizes good health.

8. Ahhh.. breath of fresh air!  After all my complaining we eventually got a bit of snow Sunday evening.

9.  More work, non-stop tea.

10.  Decaf hazelnut vanilla coffee.  You are my savior!

11.  I picked this up after a race.  There is a reason it's still on my fridge.  Some great info and tips!

12.  Egad! Can we say I'm a little behind on my bills and paperwork?

Thank you for coming to view my December 12 of 12.


  1. first, if buying flowers for yourself is what you need to do to get them, go ahead. that's what i do too. i once told a b/f i like flowers, he brought me some the day after, and then, never again... still had to buy them myself... (sigh)

    i'll trade your rain for our snow. i don't share your enthusiasm... but the pic of the rain and holiday lights is lovely!!

    happy belated birthday!!!

    now, go pay those bills!!

    happy holidays!!

  2. AWWW! I love that you buy flowers for yourself. In the summer we belong to a CSA and get to cut flowers from the farm weekly. I love how those flowers make me feel - YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

    Rain is a big bummer and it is f'ing up our rink! The thaw and rain is done and now we are freezing again and got 1/2 a foot last night...not good for the rink, but we should be back in business soon.

    Great 12!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Holidays!

    Come down "south of the border" to Buffalo... we have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of snow!

  4. I love the flower photo - and I say buy flowers yourself if they make you happy! I'm single, and never get flowers (unless someone at work buys me them to say thank you). So a few weeks ago, I bought myself some flowers - they brightened my flat up!

    Also - I love the birthday card ;-)

    Sorry my comment is late - I wanted to wait until my own 12 was up, before I visited everyone else's.



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